Eve's Ducklings


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This intergenerational story with captivating illustrations draws readers into the dynamic and precious world of an inquisitive young child.

One chilly spring day, a young girl named Eve and her grandfather visit a nearby lake together for the very first time. Fascinated by a pair of baby ducklings frolicking in the water, Eve finds herself drawn to the playful creatures and wishing to hold, pat, and hug them. Mother duck is not happy about Eve getting too close to her babies, though! After a disappointing attempt at making contact, Eve and her grandfather choose to visit the playground together instead of the lake. However, several days later, Eve decides to try one last time to attract the ducklings using a different approach.

This intergenerational story celebrates the love between a grandfather and his young granddaughter. Parents of young children will recognize Eve’s enthusiasm, especially in two- to three-year-olds. Short, descriptive phrases and abundant dialogue make this book well-suited to preschool-aged readers, and it is designed to be especially enjoyable as a lap read.

The beautifully rendered illustrations are noteworthy on their own and serve to bring this story to life. Textured in unexpected ways, they perfectly capture the feeling of a chilly spring day with dappled sky and soft, green grass. Greens, blues, and yellows inherent to springtime fill each image, and readers can almost smell the park Eve and her grandfather are exploring. Background clues like an adjacent city skyline, palm trees, and cattails place the setting very specifically, while the jackets and hats worn by Eve and her grandfather indicate the outside temperature without textual context. Readers of all ages will be drawn to the cheery characters and the captivating visuals within this story.

At once a story about intergenerational love between a grandfather and his granddaughter and an example of the power of tenacity, Eve’s Ducklings draws readers into the dynamic and precious world of an inquisitive young child. Preschool-aged readers will especially connect with Eve’s story and look forward to sharing it with their grandparents.

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Join Eve and her Grandpa on their daily walks to the lake, where Eve tries to make friends with two ducklings. Will Eve's antics win over the shy ducklings and their protective mother duck? This sweet story, beautifully illustrated with watercolours and ink, will inspire young readers to be kind to animals.

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Published on July 01, 2021

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