Eve of Salvation


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Set in the closing months of World War II, a mission to rescue the family of a physicist, whose work could end the war, from the Germans.

Eve of Salvation is a riveting tale that is set in the closing months of World War II. The world has started experimenting with nuclear weapons as the next step in warfare. The Germans hold Dr. Bertrand Delacroix, a French nuclear physicist a prisoner with his family to get a working model of the bomb first.

But there is a plot underway to steal the plans with the help of a spy within the German ranks. Lieutenant Sam Warren is recruited as a last-minute replacement for a daring mission to rescue the doctor and his family.


Sam did not like thinking about death, but war made it inescapable. Some men shut their eyes to it in an often-futile effort to block it out, usually with disastrous psychological consequences. Sam’s approach was to embrace it. He long ago figured he would not survive the war. The acceptance of his inevitable demise allowed the horrors of battle to pass through him like a stiff breeze through a screen door. He was not entirely immune, but the knowledge that he was already living on borrowed time made it tolerable. 

The mission states the family’s safety is not a priority; Dr. Delacroix and his notes are. But an explosion kills the physicist and his wife, leaving his daughter, Eve alone to be rescued. Eve is entrusted with her father’s notes on his work. With the notes, Sam and Eve are on the run to escape the Germans and reach safety.


Their escape is not made easier with a German officer named Jäger hunting them. Jäger is a man of few words but is highly trained in this sort of situation. With Jäger hunting them, Sam and Eve have a hard time escaping. They even have some near-death experiences during the run.


The mission, which started as securing the work of Dr. Delacroix, is now protecting Eve from the Germans. This is owing to an interesting revelation of Eve’s secret.


The plot is intriguing and one-of-a-kind. I liked the setting of the book. I loved reading the conversations between Eve and Sam. Eve turned out to be an amazing and adorable character. She is so strong for a fourteen-year-old and that made me respect her.  


The book gave me so many incredible characters with rich histories. I loved learning every single person’s past and what drove them during the time of war. This was an interesting read that had me entertained the entire time.


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A. B. Levin has written several thrillers spanning a wide range of topics from a World War II spy thriller to a hard boiled detective/legal thriller in modern day Chicago. His rich and detailed characters combined with authenticity bring the fictionalized worlds in his books to life. view profile

Published on August 21, 2020

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