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This book was thought-provoking and aims to start some very important discussions relevant to today's political atmosphere.

        Euphemisms: Softer Answers to Grievous Questions or Name-Calling Solves Nothing…and Other Miscellaneous Thoughts by Rob Woodfin is a collection of short theses about the state of world politically and religiously with respect to humanitarianism, empathy, religion itself, and political ideologies. Woodfin touches on subject matter ranging from abortion and immigration to free healthcare and racism. While the tidbits themselves don’t bring any answers to any of the big questions, they do start a discussion and pose some thought-provoking ideas.

               Each topic of discussion is about a half of a page to a full page long, some written as poetry and others as prose. Each poses an existential question and ideas to go along with it. When talking about abortion he brings up the idea of contraceptives while questioning if it makes him evil to believe in such a thing. He asks why taking care of our fellow man is so wrong in his statements on free healthcare. Each short essay, in place of a better word, is its own separate idea while contributing the overall message of love, humanity, and taking care of our fellow man.

               The style of the writing was a major highlight of the collection. It utilizes poetry, prose, and journalistic stylings depending on the type of message that is trying to be conveyed in each short snippet. This makes it very easy for the reader, if they are interested in politics that is, to read through a style they may not like a much knowing it is a short bit of the overall collection. You may not enjoy poetry, but it isn’t all stylized that way; you only have to deal with a short page or so before it gets back to prose or to the stylings of a newspaper article. It can be engaging to any kind of reader.

               Overall, I did enjoy reading each piece. There was no novel ideas or epiphany moments, but it created a nice tool to find a way to get people to start discussing these ideas in a calm and empathetic way. The pieces were not aimed at being judgmental but questioning and opens a great avenue for discussion and introspection. 

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Rob Woodfin is a printer. His father was a printer. His grandfather was a printer. For several years, like them, he also published the local newspaper. These essays are similar to the editorials he used to write, but perhaps a bit more thoughtful since they were typed with much older fingers. view profile

Published on September 20, 2019

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