Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale


Loved it! 😍

I will be recommending "Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale" to my local library and fellow parents of children in grades three and up.

Wow, what an adventurous and humorous tale!

Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale by David Horn takes place in the far, far future in outer space. In this fictional period in time, humans and aliens live together on the Astroliner Athena. This ship is fantastic. It has an ice rink! I'm not graceful on ice skates, but that wouldn't stop me from giving it a go. 

Even though this story takes place in space, it does have some familiar qualities you'll recognize from planet Earth: nail salons, pizza restaurants, and video games. 

Okay, back to the aliens. Imagine if our lions, giraffes, octopuses, and other animals suddenly walked and talked like humans but still held their animalistic characteristics as well. This would be unnerving unless you grew up cohabitating, which the children did in Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale. For them, they were just their teachers, captain, step-parents, chefs, and so on. Yup, parents. Humans and aliens dated, even married. 

As with any science fiction book, you know there will be some nifty futuristic techie gadgets. David Horn didn't let us down. He developed "detectos," which basically gives a human person or animal/human x-ray vision. Sorry, kiddos, his techie tool is for adults only. 

When I agreed to read the story, I looked up past stories from the series.  Eudora Space Kid: The Great Engine Room Takeover was listed for 6 - 10 years, so I assume this story will also be targeted for that age group. Some six-year-olds will have difficulty with a few words such as hardgawalabees, Qlaxin, and (possibly) cultural. Older children should be able to sound out the words more easily. Several words might be unfamiliar to some readers, but the author considered this fact and defined them during the story-telling process—for example, navigation.

After your child finishes reading all fifteen chapters, have them check out the word search! Super fun activity! 

On a final note, I must give props to the wonderfully creative illustrations by Devon Hoover. Your blend of animal and human traits into various alien races was terrific. My favorite aliens were the Powians from planet Pow. Think Squidward from SBSP but happier. :)

I will be recommending Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale to my local library and fellow parents of children in grades three and up. I will also be checking out David Horn's other works. I'm sure my family will like them as much as we did this story. 

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Published on April 01, 2022

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