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Etsy Business Launch: The Complete Guide to Making Six Figures Selling on Etsy


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A reliable, sure-fire guide to success on Etsy for individuals and small businesses

So, you’ve decided to sell your indie products on Etsy? Great! You are creative and talented but computers/Info Technology (IT) isn’t quite your cup of tea. And when you move to online selling, there could be many a slip between the cup and the lip… so you need a reliable guide who’s successfully gone the way before to show you the ropes and tell you what you must and mustn’t do. That’s exactly what Etsy Business Launch by Alyssa Garner is: a simple, down-to-earth guide to get you successfully launched on Etsy.

For those new to Etsy, let me begin with a brief description. Founded in 2005, Etsy is a publicly traded American global online marketplace created for tiny businesses — typically artists and artisans. Setting up an Etsy shop (i.e., website) is 100% free (which means you can start with ZERO investment). Etsy takes care of all the IT involved, leaving you with no worries about technology. It also provides you with the tools and tips needed to sell successfully, monitor/grow your sales, and reach your peak. Besides, it also protects you from fraud, so you’re secure. Finally, there’s the ‘Sell on Etsy’ mobile app for Android/iOS that enables you to manage your business on the go and has highly sophisticated tools to tweak it to perfection.

What I liked most about this book is it’s very simple, yet comprehensive: no complicated or confusing words, no jargon, and it consistently keeps ‘to the point’! It teaches you how to create a fail-proof launch plan (incl. preparatory research), the preparatory steps, store launch, monitoring and tweaking, marketing and advertising, outsourcing, tax reporting and statutory compliances, and everything else you need for success. It has a beautiful cover. Page styling, formatting, spacing, etc., are so well chosen/set that readability is maximized. The only reason for disappointment I found is illustrations and screenshots (that might significantly help a learner) are missing.

In my opinion, this is a sound guide that’ll work for you. It’s intended both for absolute beginners and existing Etsy sellers. I recommend it to both categories. The former will attain proficiency starting from zilch while the latter will be able to tweak/optimize their existing business for the very best performance.

I would like to end with a word of caution for my readers: hard work, perseverance, and resilience are essential for success in any endeavor. Even with a book like this as your guide, don’t ever think it’ll be a cakewalk to success. If there are mishaps on your first attempt, don’t give up. Persevere! Success comes only when you are so doggedly determined to win, no matter what failures or setbacks you face along the way!

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Alyssa Garner is an entrepreneur with nearly a decade of experience in the online business space. Alongside her husband and business partner, Garrett Garner, she teaches budding entrepreneurs how to escape the grind and find financial freedom doing what they love. view profile

Published on March 27, 2023

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