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Esemtu Vol. 1


Loved it! 😍

Esemtu is a murder mystery wrapped up in Sumerian mythology that will appeal to fans of the supernatural.

When a friend dies under mysterious circumstances after selling a statue of an ancient Sumerian god, a group of college students find themselves caught up in an investigation to prove he was murdered. They refuse to believe his heart simply gave out, but the truth is more fantastic than they could have guessed, and searching for the real villain will put their own lives at risk. The world isn’t as it seems and some gods may be real after all.

Since this is a graphic novel the art is bound to be under consideration. Personally I liked the style. It was aesthetically pleasing, colorful, and consistent throughout. For those who like to read for the artwork, this one is worth checking out. I also want to point out the great cover art that grabbed my attention from the start.

This book deals with Sumerian mythology, a mythology I don’t see nearly as often as others, like Greek, and it was interesting to not only read about, but see depicted in drawings. For readers looking for new takes on myths outside of the same old ones we usually see, the Sumerian mythology in this will hit the spot.

On the flip side, this book ended just as it felt like it was really picking up steam. The beginning felt slow and once things began happening they happened a little too fast, like the unmasking of the villain. To be fair, pacing is a tough issue to manage in any comic. This story hinted at a few interesting ideas I’m hoping will play out in future books, like the idea of a Christian struggling with the reveal of there being other forces in the world.

This book is set to be the first in a series and as such I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a standalone graphic novel, but Esemtu has the beginnings of an interesting series about mythology.

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Unveil the secret mankind has kept for millennia!

Three university students get tangled up in a mystery murder. However, they realize that they’ll have to open their minds to the supernatural to solve this case. Soon, they find themselves dragged into a magic world of fantastic creatures, gods, demons and immortals, that will change their lives forever. Join them in their thrilling adventure to uncover ancient secrets!

Paperback is only available via amazon Europe or via our website www.esemtu.com

First reactions:

“It’s so complex and felt so real! It spoke about issues I have somewhat encountered myself in my professional life and felt like a Dan Brown novel but not pretentious”

– sailorwidogast (via instagram)

“The story is so interesting and you just want to know more! And the art is incredible too so that's a plus!”

– fadariass (via twitter)

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Karin Springer earned her MA in German and English literature at the University of Vienna, Austria. Having worked in various management positions in corporate finance she has now also entered the family project Esemtu as an author. view profile

Published on July 10, 2019

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