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Escape from America


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Adventurer Vinnie Apicella finds surprising treasure when he decides to move to China.

Finding Treasure

Like explorers throughout history who embarked without a map or a clear idea of what was awaiting them over the horizon, Vinnie Apicella decided to take a leap of faith and relocate to China. Like similar adventurers before him, he ran into hardships, became lost, but he persevered and eventually discovered something he hadn’t been looking for -  his true calling.

Without previously considering a career in education, Apicella needed a job and he took a position to consult students wanting to apply for admission to overseas schools. Wanting to be an entrepreneur, although not certain in what field, he was surprised to find himself enjoying the work in education and decided to became, “…[an] expert in the education industry.”

Having been educated in America, now teaching and preparing Chinese students for other educational systems he is uniquely placed to compare the two systems. Whereas American children are encouraged to be independent and study in fields where they show aptitude, the Chinese system chooses areas of study for the student and expects them to memorize material and adhere to the rules without exception. Apicella argues, convincingly, that Chinese children are more disciplined and well versed in the study material, whereas American children are better prepared for life.

He predicts that with more and more educational opportunities for Chinese students to study abroad and return with expanded cultural ideas, plus globalization, increased access to the World Wide Web and the constant influx of foreign businesses and visitors the traditionally and historically closed culture of China will eventually become more open and more modernized.

Between the covers of, “Escape from America” is a travel guide, a business manual, a personal memoir, observations on foreign visitors as well as native Chinese. The book also contains opinion pieces on: politics, culture, traffic, educational techniques, intercultural dating, advice on relocating to another country results of surveying his friends – both American and Chinese – for their insights.

Sue Fitzmaurice said, “You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.” That was certainly true for Vinnie Apicella

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Escape from America

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Published on June 01, 2020

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