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End the Divide


Loved it! 😍

A quick but emotionally challenging read calling people to heal themselves so we can end the divisions that threaten our society.

I really appreciate that this is from a Christian perspective as I have felt for a long time that more Christians and churches need to be speaking out against cancel culture, the ways contemporary "social justice" movements are inverting all the unity and equality that the Civil Rights, Women's and Disability Movements have fought so long and hard for and the accusatory manipulation certain movements are engaging in to encourage division and othering. I also really appreciate the way this book centers the need for people who wish to end this divisiveness instead of just complaining about it or withdrawing (both of which I have a lot of in the last two and a half years) to first heal themselves - and not by going to others but by going to God first.

Yes, we all need each other, but we are not going to end the strife, infighting and division by "identities" or other human-made characteristics unless we first find healing from being divided from/separated from God and it is so refreshing to find a Christian voice stepping up and calling for that. Many churches have retreated when society uses fear to demand they be silent and this book brings an approach that balances boldness and kindness with a lot of self work to the discussion on responding to the painful levels of discord and false sense of separateness that nearly all of us are feeling these days.

There is also an opportunity to join a community - a movement - of people working to end the divide. Many nonfiction books spend 98% of their words detailing the horrors of whatever problem they're focused on and 2% reciting platitudes they call solutions. This book gives the reader the opportunity to put what they've just read into actual, real-world practice so that we can ACTUALLY end the divide, rather than just talk about it, complain about it, run from it or fight about it. If you're ready to put in the work to do so - first by dealing with all the divisions in yourself that are keeping you separate from others - then this book is for you!

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Published on July 03, 2022

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