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An interactive musical journey through the breathtakingly beautiful world of Nira and Moorah City.

A small girl plays her violin as the wind blows through her hair, carrying the scent of the sea. In the island city of Moora, tiny Mira, the girl with glowing eyes, longs for the true friendship that always seems just out of her grasp. Nira's journey truly begins as a magical glowing leaf finds its way on the wind to the lonely young girl that plays music by the sea.

Emeradia is an interactive musical book that is far beyond anything I thought possible. Written especially for music students, each section of Nira's story has the sheet music for an accompanying tune composed by the author. From beginner to intermediate levels, the multitude of lovingly written musical pieces adds another dimension to the story, as readers play the tunes that go hand-in-hand with this enchanting tale. Though I struggle with sheet music myself, what I managed to play was truly beautiful, and the ability to actually be a part of Nira's journey made this story even more incredible.

Adding to this already amazing book are numerous illustrations so full of light and color that they draw the reader even more fully into the world of Moora City and beyond. Each character has a unique and thoughtful design in illustrations that are simply breathtaking. The story of Nira, a young girl who seeks friendship in a world that shuns her simply because she is different, is told lovingly with a solid message of acceptance woven throughout the very fiber of its being. Also included are introductions to musical theory and terminology, additional tunes, and behind-the-scenes sketches and notes about how Nira's world came into being.

There are only a few complaints I have about this remarkable book. One is that I feel all the notes should have been in the back of the book after the story. As it is, there are numerous notes to read through before the story actually begins. But as far as the story itself goes, I simply wish that it was longer. I feel like I am just on the threshold of the most magical story I have ever read, and my very soul longs to know more about Nira's journey.

A one-of-a-kind masterpiece that draws the reader into a fantastic world, I sincerely hope that Nira's story inspires more books in this incredible new genre. A tale of love and longing, of music and magic, of family and friends and worlds far beyond our own, Emeradia is the first step into an all-new world of interactive musical adventures for readers of all ages.

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“A mysterious hidden planet hovers above our very own universe.”

An effulgent leaf asteroid fallen from a mysterious planet levitating above our universe helps Niraelie, an outcast young girl with strange radiant and fiery eyes, to reconnect with old friends, leading to a magical and twisting ending.

This interactive pedagogy story- book divides into six sections—storytelling; illustrations; creative music; education; main-character synopsis; and behind-the-scenes sketches.

Readers can engage with the story, with creative music, uniquely composed, and based on the emotion and mood of the scenes—precisely like background music from RPG video games and films.

Sabrielle designed this diverse and imaginative world to teach, offer appreciation, and enable the mind to wander: a classic method of escaping reality while learning. Our imaginations can be great for alleviating stress, and a fantastic tool to help us cope with mental health concerns.

Emeradia is just a sample of her imagination. This first pedagogy storybook is an excellent way to connect to and interact within a diverse and charming story, with music, in the hope that readers, viewers, musicians, and non-musicians will become more eager to engage, learn, and experience, through escapism.

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storytelling through creative music, however these past years, she assembled, managed,self-funded, and coordinated a small team, designed, and developed a unique interactive product. this is her first interactive book product. view profile

Published on November 01, 2022

Published by asmeriecharm studio

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Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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