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Embrace Life's Randomness: Breathe in the Amazing


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I missed the self-help, instead it's only memories from the writer's life.

My curiosity for this book was sparked by its title as it is something I believe in: we should all embrace life's randomness, accept change and enjoy the little things. The author is honest in the introduction when he mentions that he will use his personal experience and also some stories from his family's "life books", but that still did not stop me from going forward and looking for what treasures this little self-help books has in regards to life's randomness.

But the inside of this book is not really about that - it's more about the author's own pondering over destiny or fate and how random life's events are, without arriving to a concise conclusion in any of the chapters. There is also no structure in this book and the author simply tends to jump from one story to another, without much for the reader to learn from.

There are a lot of studies that show how our brain alternates memories each time we revoke them, so having memories as the sole base for a self-help book about embracing life's randomness does not really seem like a good idea, at least not for me. I like facts and studies, and the few theories presented in this book are specifically picked to fit the message or are what inspired the author to recall a certain memory from his life story or his ancestors, but that does not feel enough for the reader.

The writings tend to seem philosophical, but only because it mentions stoicism here and there, without making any connection between it and the subject of this book or the author's stories.

The lack of lessons, conclusions and proper research turns this book from a self-help book to the author's diary (I cannot really call it a memoir, it does not even have the structure for that). It is sad, however, that the only self-help concept from this book is its title.

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Published on December 19, 2019

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