Ella Arrives in Australia


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An enjoyable and educational read for young ones who may wish to visit and explore Australia.

"Ella Arrives in Australia" written by Sheree Chambers is a wonderful book that invites young readers to a delightful adventure with Ella and her bunny. Feeling bored and thinking about where she may go, Ella tries to imagine the kind of place she’d like to be.

What kind of climate best fits her curiosity? What kind of activities does she want to do? Is Australia the right place to go to? This book introduces to young ones some of the most notable things Australia is known for.

While it may not provide a detailed account of the land down under, it quickly familiarizes its readers with Australia’s environment and biodiversity through its attractive illustrations. Narrated through the use of rhymes, children would find it more engaging whether they listen to the story or they read it on their own.

Being the first book in Ella’s Aussie Adventures series, it creates an interest for the rest of the books that would allow its young readers to explore and to learn more about Australia.

Both adults and children can spend unforgettable hours trying to visualize one’s journey to the South where they can encounter kangaroos, koalas and other animals peculiar to the country’s territories.

A fun-filled book that can spark the curiosity of children about Australia.

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Ella is a little girl who wants to go on an adventure, exploring a foreign land. Join Ella and her bunny on her first adventure as she arrives in Australia.

Ella Arrives in Australia is the first book in the Ella’s Aussie Adventures series. This series equips children with knowledge about unique Australian wildlife, the amazing landscapes, as well as some Australian history. 

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Sheree Chambers is an Australian local, who enjoys writing poems, short stories and creating new worlds through the written word. As a new mother, Sheree wanted to create a gift for her daughter to learn about the amazing country she lives in. view profile

Published on February 24, 2021

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