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Have you ever felt like you were destined for greater things? Echoes For Celia by Moeez Hatanian

In Echoes For Celia, the main character feels like she doesn't quite belong. Have you ever felt like a square peg in a round hole? Or wondered why you can't be just like everyone else? These are some of the thoughts that haunt Celia. She's an 18 year old woman locked away on daddy's island which is situated just outside of the Cayman islands. Yes, daddy owns the island. She has only her body guards for friends as her mother and twin sister departed this earth several years ago.

Despite all her obstacles, she is a lovely young lady with pale white skin, shimmering red hair, a bikini body, and heterochromia (this is a genetic trait where one has two different eye colors). In her case one eye is blue and the other one is hazel. I have met such a person in my life. Perhaps it was Celia in disguise.....

Celia is very intelligent as well and actually finished school at the age of 8, she has learned 12 languages, and currently holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics. In her spare time, she is also considering pursing a degree in Marine Biology next. What a lot of people, well, kind of just about no one but her father knows, is that Celia is gifted in other extraordinary ways. She sees strange auras and colors around others, she also is empathic and feels what others feel literally. And don't forget the small premonitions or glimpses of the future that she gets. She of course didn't get an instruction manual and doesn't quite know how to control or use these gifts, yet. Like most girls her age, she has developed a crush. This one just happens to be on her body guard Elijah. Elijah of the green eyes and unfortunately, dark skin. She refers to him as her "King of the Night." Needless to say, daddy is less than thrilled with his little princess.

Celia in a fit of petulance at this shocking revelation leaves her father's yacht and walks by herself on the island, complete with her Jimmy Choo on her feet and a bracelet with small rubies on her wrist. Can you say, "Please, somebody rob me?" But, wait, they do her one better and Celia finds herself kidnapped and held for ransom for 10 million dollars. Daddy doesn't even bat an eye as he pays it and very soon she's released. At this point Celia and Elijah head to Hawaii.

Reading Echoes For Celia, was like reading a paranormal romance by Nora Roberts. I like that the story is told from different points of view and the fact that the author shows us and doesn't just tell us things. For instance, we're told that daddy comes from old money. But then, we are told that daddy has a yacht, owns an island, and has a helicopter. Does daddy also have room for me too?

I give Echoes For Celia 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoy reading about what it's like to be in love and have special abilities. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. Poor Celia is gifted beyond measure with her auras and visions, but afterwards she has to contend with headaches and bloody noses. Of course she hasn't mastered control of these talents either. Such is life.

Celia has loved Elijah since the first time they met. However, is their love strong enough to withstand those pesky obstacles like skin color and an ancient Accord (a contractual agreement) wrought forth by an even older prophecy? Will Elijah be forced to stand by helplessly while his beloved Celia, weds another man and perhaps bears his children?

Echoes For Celia by Moeez Hatanian is the first book in a new series by the author.

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Moeez. Finds time for creating has always been important to Moeez. These endeavours: listening to music, studying the stars, or learning about ancient mythology, keep him grounded and focused. Moeez began a series he describes as a genre-bending utopian futuristic romantic drama. view profile

Published on December 07, 2020

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