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East Winds: A Global Quest to Reckon with Marriage


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A worldwide voyage of self-discovery and intriguing anthropological study in marriage relationships

East Winds by Rachel Rueckert tracks the journey of the author and her husband, Austin, as they traverse their initial year of marriage, particularly the journey to figure out if she wanted to be married at all. After their wedding, they embark on a global trek to South America, and Asia and hike their way to Santiago de Compostela. The author’s motivation was to study marital relationships from all over the world. On this tour, Rachel seeks out the advice of diverse people to identify their takes on marital rites. She discovers views on wedlock vary widely on the culture and location. The author discusses how her upbringing has influenced her internal conflict toward the need to be a "good girl" and do what is expected of her. The turmoil is extremely prevalent for her throughout this book as she juggles her views towards her union and feelings of needing to be independent.

A pervasive theme in the book is the concept of wind. Rachel describes the origins of the East Winds, which emerge from Wyoming into Utah. She struggles with the external conflict that dictates certain conditions to be accepted in her community. She finds herself needing to be free from attachment to another person, feeling her wanderer spirit.

The author reconciles marriage patterns with her formal ceremony to elaborate rituals including a horoscope consultation in the Kannada area of India. She discovered observances similar to a trial marriage, in which couples live together prior to official marriage and customs whereupon married people participate in a traditional dance. If a male dances with another woman, that female becomes his new wife, and his former wife receives a new husband.

The genre of the book is autobiographical while incorporating aspects of interpersonal stories and experiences through sharing the narratives of various individuals. This story has a slight religious slant given Rachel’s background, although the author's anthropological training allows her narratives to be balanced overall. Her conclusions are well-constructed and sound.

Author Rachel Rueckert establishes a compelling case for women's empowerment and provides a significant amount of information about various backgrounds of marriage throughout the globe. Due to its comprehensive and thorough nature, this book is strongly recommended. Those interested in anthropology and women's studies will benefit from the information and stories told within.

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Rachel Rueckert is a writer, editor, teacher, and a seventh-generation Utahan. She holds an MFA from Columbia University, an M.Ed from Boston University, and serves as the editor in chief of Exponent II. Learn more: rachelrueckert.com https://linktr.ee/rachelrueckert view profile

Published on November 15, 2022

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