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Earthshine (The Multiverse Diaries #1)


Must read 🏆

A must-read for all fantasy lovers. A roller coaster ride with sharp twists and turns. Do not miss this one.

As a librarian, I have read many fantasy fiction revolving around magical lands, superpowers, alternate realities, etc. But Graham Bower's book Earthshine is a step further. It is not just a book of fantasy and superpowers. Though based on alternate realities/realms, this book has lots more to offer.

What begins as a harmless yoga class for the protagonist leads to twists and turns that left me breathless. As a reader one can never make out the outcome of the situation which makes you keep reading further. This book is hard to put down even for a sip of water.

Emily and Steph are best friends. On the insistence of Steph, Emily agrees to join her in a yoga class. Ever since her fightback against cancer, Emily is scared of taking chances in life. But the yoga class turns out to be anything but normal. She experiences an out-of-the-world moment that she cannot explain. Trying to lead her normal life Emily sees weird visions and has near-death experiences that make her question the surreal moment in her yoga class. Seeking answers to her questions she sets off to India with her friends. There she meets Ramesh the yoga teacher who helps her recognize the powerful ability to access alternate realities she possesses.

Just when she feels that she is making sense of things around her it all goes spiraling out of control. Her dreams or accessing alternate realms cause the barrier to break down unleashing creatures from other realms into the present. What happens in the ensuing pages makes it a page-turner. There is never a dull moment in the book. Just when you think that you know the outcome the author turns you off the track with mind-blowing twists.

Graham Bower has written a gripping book that engulfs you within its page from the start. As a reader I found myself shaking in fear, breaking out in a sweat, and then laughing out with the banter between the characters. The characters are lifelike and not exaggerated superhumans. Graham has masterfully knitted emotions of friendship, love, family, jealousy, loss, depression, and survival instinct through the characters. There is also about self-acceptance and having the guts to come out about personal preferences such as being gay.

Pick this book up and you won't regret the ride. Can't wait to get hold of book 2.

I would like to thank Reedsy, Grahan, and the publisher for giving me the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Published on December 01, 2021

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