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Dying to Succeed


Not for me 😔

Dying to Succeed encourages you to restructure your life to set it up for success, with a little help from God, of course.

Dying to Succeed is a book that emphasizes in order to succeed, your older self has to “die” figuratively. Basically, reboot yourself, create a new you, and build the successful life you’ve always dreamed about. The author has referred a lot of self-help books himself and tried to combine all that into one book. One unique thing that all those books don’t have, but this book does is God. The author has infused God and self-help into one. So, that’s something unique. One of the reference books mentioned is the King James Bible.

Therefore, there are a lot of Bible verses sprinkled throughout the book. As someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of God, it didn’t make the impact that it would have to someone who does. There are also a lot of generalized statements that you can find in any self-development book. The problem with such writing is that it’s written for a particular audience. The generalized statements, when taken with the word of God make sense to that audience, of which I am not a part.

The chapter titles mirror this. There is nothing that you haven’t read before. Fear, Reflection, Poverty, Wealth, etc. are the topics covered in varying detail. But all they do is take you down a familiar path, albeit trodden now with spiritual prose. Your success using the mechanisms or teachings in the book depends on how far you are along the spiritual spectrum.

In conclusion, the author has tried to combine stories from the Bible, the word of God, and many other success stories that you’ve already read about umpteen times. The book is aimed at Christians who want to develop their faith in God, follow the word of Jesus, and use those means to succeed. All-in-all, a book that’s satisfies its target audience.

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Published on October 12, 2020

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