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Dreaming Wide Awake


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The author threw me into a tailspin - making me question everything and, almost, everyone. An awesome read!

Dreaming Wide Awake - even the title made me ponder for a few moments what it would be like, to dream being wide awake, yet not daydreaming. I asked myself how that could possibly happen; learning the answer was a most unusual experience.

Sherry is seeking justice for her brother, Billy; he was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison (without parole) for killing a young woman. She believed he was innocent and set out to prove it through enlisting the help of a few professionals.

Dreaming Wide Awake is a tangled web; there is no way to see through to the other side. The waters are murky, clouds suspended heavily in the air. The sun is nowhere to be found yet each character is in desperate need of it - in fact, a healthy dose of it because darkness seems to be lurking at almost every turn.

Just when I saw this story wrapping up, the author threw me into a tailspin, making me question everything, and almost everyone. I didn't know reality from what was designed to look real. I didn't know what was what, who was who, nor who was on what side. It reminded me of looking at a blender, pressing the high speed button and watching the contents turn to mush; it's what happened inside of my head.

Charles R. Hinckley penned an engaging story in which the pages flew by, almost without observation. His creative imagination deserves the highest level of praise. The characters jumped from the page, almost to the point I could look them in the eye; they felt so incredibly close and real. The humour and sarcasm brought a little comic relief considering the serious subject matter.

Hinckley is an author I will be keeping my eye on; in fact, I must read the first book to see where Augustus (Gus) Chase began.

Dreaming Wide Awake - I'll leave this to Gus; except for the occasional opportunity to daydream, I prefer to have my dreams when I am fast asleep.

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Charles R. Hinckley is an author, audiobook producer, playwright, actor and fine artist. His short stories and articles have been published by online magazines. As a producer/voice actor, Charles has several titles available on Audible and Amazon. view profile

Published on January 17, 2021

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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