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Dragon Twins: The Awakening


Loved it! 😍

A thirteenth birthday is always a big one, but when you find out that dragons could exist, well . . . this one takes the cake!

Dragon Twins is the first in a fantasy series about Ambrose: a young man who lost his parents in a car accident and has been plagued by fantastical dreams ever since.


Ambrose is once again sitting in Ms Davis’ office discussing his dream. The dream where he sees huge yellow eyes staring at him after the car crashes. She is trying to convince Ambrose that the eyes that he saw did not belong to a dragon. But deep down, Ambrose knows better. Stuck in an orphanage until he is sixteen, Ambrose must negotiate the tough world of school and bullies, with his only friends being Simon, a gecko, and Dre, an online friend that believes that Ambrose did see a dragon.

On his thirteenth birthday, Ambrose’s world is changed forever as he learns about his guardians, a twin sister, an evil dragon called Morfran, and the fact that he has cool new superpowers. When Ambrose discovers who he really is, the clock is set in motion for him to prevent the crossover of dragons and man between realms. But, as always, there are villains out to get him, and Ambrose has very few people he can trust . . .


Ambrose’s character is written very well and his fears and joys are expressed realistically for his age. His relationship with Simon is endearing and when the reason becomes apparent, it’s a heart-warming moment. I did feel sorry for Ambrose in all he had to go through while his sister had a much easier time of it, but his genuine morals ensured he did what he knew was right. You could almost say he possessed the heart of a dragon!


The story is relatively short and held my attention throughout. The ending of the book, however, felt a bit rushed as there was a big build up and then all of a sudden it was over. There is a lot of action to process at the end so it would have been more fulfilling to draw it out. Overall, the punctuation and grammar were good, except for a few mistakes.


I really enjoyed this book, but even though it is categorised as young adult, I would recommend it more for ages 8–14 and those who love dragons, action, and a heart-warming tale of good versus evil.    

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Published on December 06, 2020

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