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Dragon Song: Order of the Dolphin Book Four


Loved it! 😍

​Join Eva and her dolphins to save the planet from a disaster that could destroy us all in this thrilling and incredible adventure!

​The amazing adventures of Eva and the dolphins continue! After the thrilling book three of the series, I had been waiting for this book. And I loved it!

Eva continues her research with the dolphins in Roatán while Soledad goes to school and lives with Thomas. Eva discovers that the Caribbean’s wild dolphin pod has been captured and must go back into action to find them. In her pursuit, she finds herself embroiled in an international struggle that could end in a World War.

This time is a little different - Soledad accompanies her parents on this adventure and Thomas and Eva help each other out from the beginning. AND they find a new ally - a mermaid with a siren’s song.​ Together they work to save the dolphins and the world from danger​.

My most favorite part of the Order of the Dolphin series​ books are the dolphins' POV. They are the coolest and the most amazing characters ever! ​There weren't a lot of such chapters this time but they all were fun to read. I simply love the way they communicate!

​Thomas and Soledad joining in on the adventure and assisting Eva was exciting. Eva and Thomas' relationship is ​so beautiful that I keep wanting more of them together! A teenage Sol was a nice little addition to the story and we got to see more of her love for the dolphins!

Tylosaurs were back with Dr. Li and his propaganda. The way they were treated had me feeling sorry for them most of the times. Their run-ins with the dolphins were incredible and exciting to read though sometimes they felt repetitive.

The way communication is established between the dolphins and humans has always been intriguing. And this book proved yet again how intelligent and compassionate they are. I loved the way they worked with Eva and her team and protected them when in danger.

As always the ending has me praying for the sequel soon!

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We are two people who found each other by sheer luck. We spend way too much time living off fantasy worlds and falling in love with these worlds and its characters.

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KRISTIE CLARK, a pediatrician, lives on the High Plains with her husband, sons, border collies, and a cat named Bonsai. An avid scuba diver, she holds a Roatán Marine Park Bay Islands Lionfish Spearing License. Her DRAGON OF THE SEA short story is available at: KristieClark.com view profile

Published on May 05, 2022

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