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Donnybrook Good-Bye


Loved it! 😍

Dramatic, action-packed and expertly written. A genuinely exciting read!

So much happens in this book and at times, the narrative can be incredibly fast-paced which is why I initially found the book quite hard to keep up! This is definitely not an easy read nor for the casual page-flickers. It is, however, such an exciting read overall as the writer really does have a way with words and every sentence pulled me in wanting to learn more about the situation of each individual character. There really is nothing simple or straight-forward about the author's writing style, in my opinion. The vivid imagery, varying landscapes and scenarios and the meticulous way in which Martin Cullen spares no detail in creating his dramatically captivating and action-packed universe on paper. The reader will certainly feel as though they are journeying through the plot alongside the protagonist and each individual character.

You are first transported into Eastern Europe AD 810, questions running through your mind as to why the first character of the prologue has awoken unaware of his situation and only half remembering his violent surroundings. The reader is then fast-forwarded into the present day Boston, Massachussets. In fact, the reader can expect to be thrown into wholly different scenarios in each chapter which is one of the many reasons why I enjoyed this book so much.

There are a great variety of environments so the reader is never stuck reading for pages and pages on end in the same place with the exact same people. To me at least, it almost feels as though each chapter could be an individual short story. I found Chapter 4 (Portrait of a Monster) especially thrilling to read as each descriptive sentence is vibrant, authentic and realistic. I would love to read more from this author as the entire book is bursting with creativity.

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Martin Cullen has been a musician, bouncer, infantrymen, and worked in museums. He walked the storage rooms of the American History Museum, worked backstage for a magician, drank more than he should, and sang more than most folks would have liked. view profile

Published on November 14, 2020

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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