Do Not Wish for a Birthday Unicorn!


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A sweet, magical, and imaginative story that beautifully depicts the meaning of kindness and teamwork.

Do Not Wish for a Birthday Unicorn! is a sweet, creative, magical, and imaginative story that teaches children about kindness, empathy, compassion and teamwork.

Kat is excited about her birthday party. She wants to have a unicorn themed party and asks her Mom for a real unicorn. Kat is very happy when her Mom agrees to get one.

On the day of the party, Kat and her friends eagerly await as her Grandmother goes to pick up the unicorn. When the unicorn arrives, Kat is disappointed - the unicorn looks sick and unhappy. After reading the note that was attached to the unicorn, Kat learns that due to equipment issues, the unicorn did not have a bath in 21 days!

I love the course of action the main character takes to teach young readers: (1) how to turn something that goes wrong into something good, (2) to think about others and not just yourself, (3) to help those in need, (4) to be compassionate/kind/empathetic, and (4) to work as a team. It shows the impact one act of kindness can have on others - not just the person (or animal) being helped but those around them (i.e. Kat's friends/family.)

Animals are always great to use as characters when writing a children's book. Unicorns are trending so it's a great choice. Combining a person main character with an animal is even better.

The story is written in rhyme which makes it fun to read and helps the flow of the story. You keep on reading to find out what happens next.

The illustrations are bright, colorful, and very eye-pleasing. I love the shades of pinks and purples throughout the story.

This is a job well done by the author, illustrator, and all those involved. A must read!

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I am an independent author of children's books, Instagram book reviewer and lover of books. I have written three books to date and have recently discovered my love of reviewing pictures books that are not only fun to read but teach child important lessons. Fan of Berenstain Bears and Amelia Bedelia.


A silly rhyming tale that will bring the magic of imagination to the hearts of all unicorn fans and encourage early literacy one smile at a time!

The sequel to the book, Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich! (Book 1)

A nuanced children’s book that reveals the NEXT character of each upcoming book.

From the Back Cover

Have you ever really wanted a UNICORN for your birthday?

When Kat, a little girl full of imagination and wonder, wishes for a unicorn-themed birthday party – her mom says YES!

Kat carefully selects the perfect unicorn, but when she arrives from the Uni Express, they discover she hasn’t bathed in 21 days!

Find out what Kat and her party friends do to boost Starlight’s spirits by giving her the love, attention, and clean-up she deserves.

A book that will promote early childhood philosophies with:

✓ Cognitive empathy,

✓ Expressing compassion,

✓ Teaching teamwork,

✓ Promoting kindness,

✓ And supporting creativity through humor and imagination!

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Sarina Siebenaler is an author, autism advocate, mom of three children, and one dog. She writes children's books to encourage literacy, spark a child's imagination, and help with social and emotional skills. Her love of silly books inspired her to begin the Do Not Wish... series. view profile

Published on January 16, 2022

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