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Discovering Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight


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A book of in-depth devotionals on some beloved Christian scriptures for the growth of believers in Jesus Christ

Discovering Hidden Treasure In Plain Sight by Jessica Hurtado is a book of Christian devotionals. To genuinely benefit from it, you must be one who has experienced Jesus Christ in life. Alternately, you must be someone strongly attracted to Him i.e., one who is sincerely searching but hasn’t found Him yet.


If you experienced Christ sometime earlier in life, it’s almost certain that you are a believer today! You would have received Christ’s spirit, which is also known as the ‘Holy Spirit’. The Holy Spirit is a life-changing force that indwells you. From the time you receive him, he directs, empowers, protects, and keeps you every moment of your life. To grow to maturity and strength in Christ, the believer needs to meditate on the Bible (the word of God) and learn daily from the Master. Applying what they learn to their own lives leads to growth. This is where devotionals come in. They are short meditations on selected scripture passages that greatly help in the learning process.


Two types of devotionals are in use today. One is for short meditations e.g., the popular Our Daily Bread devotionals, published by Our Daily Bread Ministries, Michigan, USA. The other type is more rigorous and in-depth. This book is apparently of the latter type. Those having only limited time for meditation commonly use the former type combined with daily morning and/or night prayers (like students living single, working individuals, and families where the bread-winner(s) go out to work). On the other hand, Discovering Hidden Treasure In Plain Sight, being of the latter typeis the kind of devotional you would want to take out to your outdoor garden, park (or other favorite places), and read unhurriedly, without having to worry about the time spent. You get the opportunity to chew into your reading, jot down what you found hard to understand, think of how to apply it to your own life’s situation, whom to share what you learned with, refer to the focus scripture in the Bible, and so on. Your situation and/or preferences will help you choose the devotional that suits you best.


This book is the fruit of the sincere, painstaking work of the author. Attentive to detail, she is patient and explains things lucidly and unambiguously. Most importantly, her writings are rooted and grounded in the truth of the Bible. Besides, they are graceful and encouraging. This book is special in that it is themed upon the ‘beloved scriptures’ i.e., 57 well-known scriptures loved by Christians worldwide. Some examples are Jesus—the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6), not judging others (Matthew 7:1), Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-14).


All things considered, it’s a worthy book of devotionals that I would recommend to all believers with no hesitation, whatever. While those who will derive most benefit are Christians, anyone who isn’t Christ-averse is also welcome to read it!


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Moved with a heart to bring the Word of God to all yearning hearts, Jessica writes from a place of simplicity. Her heart is to introduce scripture with everyday living in mind. To bring simplicity that allows all hearts to receive while keeping the weighty value the Word of God brings. view profile

Published on June 02, 2020

Published by Crosslink Publishing

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