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Dig Into Small Space Gardening for Beginners: A 101 Approach to Start a Hobby or Ignite a Passion for Urban, Container, or Vertical Gardening


Must read 🏆

An absolute 'must read' for any budding gardener, or experienced gardening looking to establish a small garden.

This delightful gardening book is a treasure trove of helpful tips, pointers and advice for beginner gardeners, or experienced gardeners just wanting a refresher!

There is a wealth of knowledge and advice in this book, particularly for establishing a new garden in a small space. Topics include: where to site the garden, what to plant in a garden, how to propagate plants, and how to care for your new plants. The chapter on harvesting was particularly useful. It lists a range of vegetables and describes the best time to harvest (pick) them. The chapter on the garden calendar – a month by month breakdown of gardening tasks is also useful and informative. It may have been easier to break this into seasons however, as it’s a little confusing if you live in the opposite hemisphere of where the book was written.

This book is extremely easy to read. The text is written in an informative way, conversational - yet not too informal. It is also extremely well structured. The chapters are logically titled, and it is easy to find a specific topic if that’s what you require, yet it is also possible to read the entire book. There are also numerous engaging photographs to accompany some of the gardening suggestion. These enhance the overall structure and readability of the book.

Dig into Small Spaces is the perfect book to read if you want ideas to help you establish a small garden. Alternatively, the author offers numerous other ways to grow plants, including vertical gardens and container planting. There really isn’t much more I can say about this book – it was a great book and if you enjoy gardening it is well worth the read! I score Dig into Small Spaces  five out of five stars!

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I have had my hands in various beds of soil just about all my life. Yes, it’s true… I never grew out of playing in dirt. For most that sounds messy and tiering, but for me it's a daily vacation. Gardening is my passion... where I escape to after a hard day at work. view profile

Published on August 25, 2021

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