Diamond at Midnight


Not for me 😔

While the plot was good, the typos and feeble character development made it a no-no for me. The premise had a lot of potential unharnessed.

A romance with suspense is something I love. And that is exactly why I picked this one up. While the plot was beautiful and the premise excellent, it could have been executed better. A lot was left unharnessed. I'm going to write a long review because I feel the author has potential and can do much better and give us great pieces.

The book would come under #ownvoices or so I feel. I liked how people of different races were portrayed. It was inclusive and real. However, Diamond, our protagonist, gave me gold digger vibes and so did Cupcake. In fact, almost all the women sounded shady and that sort of put me off. She dated men because she wanted them to pay her rent and that stopped being funny after a point. Made me angry and hate the women. Another point is that assault was hinted at but not dealt with strongly enough. I think what Allen did with Cupcake deserved attention.

Towards the end, things got quicker and a bit confusing. They were some serious typos, wrongly placed commas and stuff ( a small example would be page 30 : ' ...but I can get another you.' Hilarious. Should have been '..but I can't get another you.' ) Apart from this, the unnecessary dots in the titles of the chapters made them sound unsure, almost not solid.

I felt the book was going a little out of control in between. And the super long, unnecessary dialogues didn't help. A lot of the paragraphs could have either been shortened or be presented gracefully. Proof reading the manuscript could have avoided such problems.  

I loved how every guy prioritised food in life. EVERY guy was a foodie. Food is life for me too and I absolutely don't understand when other books have no foodies. Here every boy loved food. But then that stole each characters individuality. I feel all characters sounded the same. Character development must be given stronger preference here. 

In the end, I would say I liked the strong headed women here like Allen's grandmum and Devien. I enjoyed the plot. But that's all I liked about this. The characters need work, the author MUST proof read it because that makes or breaks a book in my personal opinion and the Book needs structure. I'm sure the author would write marvelous stuff next. 

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Published on October 03, 2020

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