Diamond at Midnight


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Growing up on the mean streets of Chicago prepared Diamond Dunbar for almost anything. With her sights set on a college education, she’s ready to live the dream.
Her boyfriend, Allen built his reputation on ruthlessness. After making a questionable business arrangement with Diamond, he pulls the rug right out from under her. Enter, Max, he’s enthralled with Diamond. He’s a sucker for a damsel in distress. Diamond can’t resist the attention of Max. Yes, he’s tall, dark and handsome but can she trust him with her secret?
Can he help her navigate through her muddled world of secrets, lies, and betrayal? When trust is an option. Trust no one!

 Allen MacDonald

“Are you awake Allen?” The young woman shivered and moved her body closer. She knew Allen would keep her warm.

 “Make love to me again Allen, please,” she moaned.

“It will be morning soon,” he said. “I really should get going.”

Allen MacDonald was more than a little stoned. He was almost in a trance, as he stared back through droopy eyes at the young woman. She wasn’t Diamond. But she would do things for him that he’d never ask Diamond to do.

Diamond Jolene Dunbar was his main squeeze. His prime-time lady. She had spunk the assertive ambitious kind that could be subtle and soft not like those pushy militant in-your-face types. He smiled thinking of his girl Diamond.

She knew what she wanted. He turned and stared at the woman lying next to him and looked back at her as if she didn’t exist.

From the day, he’d met Rhonda Brown he knew that she was drawn to him like a magnet. As far as Allen was concerned all women were drawn to him. It was a gift God gave him, being irresistible to women. How many times in the past twenty-four hours had he wished he could have told Rhonda the truth? That she meant nothing to him. Allen knew in his heart that there was a bond he held with Diamond, one that he had often dreamed about and felt that it could never be broken.

He couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t as if he and Diamond came from the same roots. From the moment, he’d met her, she was the girl from the wrong side of the town. He’d often wondered if this was the reason their bond was so strong. Diamond was his first love and he her first lover, her first real boyfriend. She wasn’t into the partying scene, getting drunk or high. She left the partying life to him. She never cheated on him. He was sure of that.

Allen tried not to think about Diamond too much as he laid there. He was aware of the nightmare his life would be if she ever found out about the young woman lying next to him in bed.

Oh, on the other hand this naked woman would do anything for him and the main thing he wanted, supplying him with his favorite breakfast cereal, snowflake.

At that moment, Ronda shifted position, stretching out a long leg that ended with delicate toenails painted bright red.

The effect was mesmerizingly sensual. There was a moment of silence before Allen stretched back down in bed.

Then suddenly Ronda rolled over on top of him and studied him.

Allen was so handsome, she had always thought, a handsome guy like Allen should be hers. “I bet I know what you like,” she murmured, as her hands traced the length of his body.

“You know what I like. Do you have any more of our breakfast cereal?” Allen asked.

“Snowflake, coming right up,” Ronda purred as she got out of bed and walked over to her handbag, and retrieved several small glassine bags of cocaine. She stopped and picked up a square mirror before returning to the bed.

“Shall, we have our breakfast cereal, Allen?” Ronda teasingly asked, but didn’t wait for him to respond, as she emptied a pack of white powder on top of the mirror and began making lines. When she was finished, she immediately snorted a line.

Patiently, Allen waited his turned and then snorted up a couple of lines. “Mmmm… This… This…Ah!” he murmured leaning back. 

Rhonda leaned back and traced a red fingernail tip up and down Allen’s back. “Well, Allen, what do you think? Ain’t that some good stuff?”

“Oh, hell yes, it is,” he finally whispered, as he leaned over and snorted another line.

All at once Allen felt Rhonda’s tongue playing with his ear. It felt good. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she became horny. This was why he kept coming back to Ronda. That and the free supply of cocaine. “Ahhhh shit!” He moaned, feeling his penis getting hard.

His girl Diamond had competition.

About the author

My name is Jerreece Ann Jackson. I write under my initials, J. A. Jackson. I write delicious mainstream, fiction books that are romantic, and suspenseful. My novels are entertaining with lots of drama, action, adventure and a unique twist. I grew up in Chicago. Thank you for reviewing my book. view profile

Published on October 03, 2020

70000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Romance

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