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Deux (MASTER, Book 4)


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Hop in loser, we're watching vampires play and you don't need any more context than that.

There are authors who make an effort to let their serial works stand alone. They write with the mentality that Yes, this novel is number three of ten, but it is still a complete story in itself and here is the context that would allow a new reader to enter the series if for some silly reason they decided to start here instead of book one.


Then there are authors who just seem to say Screw it, we’re on part four of a many-part epic, vampiric drama, get on board or get out of the way.


R.N. Jayne’s Deux (MASTER Book 4) is of the latter persuasion, and I have to admire the nerve of it.


Raiden and Gabriel are a pair of vampire frenemies, verging on lovers, who haven’t seen each other in a couple of months and now must work together on a movie set. While working closely, they must keep their vampirism, their attraction to each other, and Gabriel’s growing thirst all firmly in the closet and away from their costars and crewmates. Attraction crackles between the Raiden and Gil as they brush past each other, come together, and finally explode over the course of their couple of weeks together on set.


Along for the ride are a merry train of assistants, bodyguards, and the usual retinue you would expect to follow a pair of celebrity vamps, while mysterious enemies with longstanding grudges against both our leading gentlemen watch from the wings.


True to the form laid out a few paragraphs ago, Deux is very obviously just one part of many, and that includes the ending. Strap in for a cliffhanger of fairly cataclysmic proportions rather than a neat bow on the end of this story.

A couple of words of warning for the kinds of readers who like those things: Jayne does not shy away from the predatory nature of her vampires. They eat people to survive, and that means the body count is significant. There's also explicit sex, both consensual and not, depicted on the page. Readers, you have been forewarned.


Good for fans of manga and webtoons with teeth (think Wolf in the House and Midnight Secretary), or readers looking for a poppy descendant of Anne Rice's original queer vampire Louis and Lestat.

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Since R. N. first held a pen, she's been devising deviant ways to wield it. Her debut novella Crimson (MASTER, Book 1) won Best eBook in the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival Awards. Eien, the final installment in her queer vampire series MASTER, releases on 01/12/24 (preorder available on Kindle). view profile

Published on December 17, 2021

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