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Destiny Control


Must read 🏆

Not going to lie, I actually read this book in a matter of days! This story is heartbreaking, thought provoking and highly inspirational!

This biography describes the life of a boy with an unfortunate destiny, who defies all odds and becomes a man of great success. The protagonist later uses these experiences to teach and fight for others, all though the journey isn't a linear one. The progression of the story shows how different incidents and phases have provided him with wisdom in various aspects of life.

This story is incredibly entertaining, thought provoking, dishartening, and hopeful at the same time. As a bit of a history nerd, I love how the author describes his own experience of several historical events, which makes it feel even more real and authentic. Furthermore, the pictures at the end of each chapter make everything come to life in a different way, especially for the visual learner.

The term destiny control is introduced in the beginning. The protagonist encounters certain events throughout the story that could have led him in the opposite direction, but instead he decides to take charge of his own destiny– and thus points to the use of the term destiny control.

To be perfectly candid, I normally do not read many biographies. However, this book made me forget why. It’s a beautifully captivating story about a boy who is met with disappointment upon disappointment throughout his life. Despite deeply tragic circumstances, he manages to go from a rebellious young boy, to a man who leads a fulfilling life as a successful academic, friend and fellow human being. This story of growth and resilience is truly remarkable.


I also love the way this book occasionally jumps back and forth in time. The author points out not only lessons learned after certain experiences, but also places and people he has revisited in present time. The descriptions of his parents’ struggle with alcoholism and mental illness are very raw and candid. All in all, this is a captivating book that will pull you in and potentially stir up some strong feelings and thoughts from your own life. In addition, the story can teach you not to loathe your past or the people you encounter, but to rather celebrate the victories of what you have endured and learned throughout the course of your life. This book is an inspiring story of how flowers can grow out of a painful upbringing in a dysfunctional family, along with failure and disappointment upon yet another disappointment. I loved it!

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My Life in 1940's Brooklyn

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Mother attempts to stab me to death. She slashes the police officer's face, and is confined to Brooklyn State Hospital. I'm sent to live on a farm with relatives. After high school. I got a job as an ice boy at a yacht club. I earn a Doctorate, and publish five books. Honored at White House. view profile

Published on February 02, 2021

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