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Worth reading 😎

Clever world building and engaging story telling with intresting and unique characters.

Throughout the novel there are lot more questions than answers, the main character Amelia is lost and doesn’t understand what is happening to her. Its makes for interesting reading that the reader an the main character are not entirely sure what is going on. Not only does the storyline keep you fully engaged, however it also makes plot twists and new story developments even more surprising.

A lot of the time I was trying to work out which direction the story was going in then bam a new development or twist would appear making me revaluate where I thought the story was going and it became a game between the reader and the book, trying to work out what will happen next. I haven’t entirely finished the story yet however quite early on I was so desperately trying to work out what direction the story was taking that I read the ending (yes I am that kind of psychopath who reads the ending of books) which left me with more answers as to how they get to that point and how will the story continue in the sequel. 

The prologue at the beginning explained the different gods and goddess and their downfall in a way that wasn’t too much information overload but also hooked you onto the story. I did find the writing style although easy to follow it was stilted in some parts. The laws of the magical abilities that Amelia has aren’t full explained however their limitations are throughout the story. I also found it interesting the idea of mood swings after using magic. 

I loved Amelia any angry girl character always captures a piece of my heart. I found Torquil to be an amusing yet annoying character. Willow I found to be an interesting character a girl who wants a grand adventure is definitely someone I can get on board with. Lachlan I found to be quandary of a character he’s a ruthless assassin and a cold character but can also show his soft and caring side.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the novel I found it engaging and intriguing read. I found it refreshing to have a main character who was unsure as to what is happening around her as the reader experienced. I will definitely be reading the sequel when its released and looking forward to see what’s in store for them. 

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Published on July 10, 2020

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