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Depressed to Daring


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Depressed to Daring will help you discover triggers and work toward emotional agility, shatter your own glass ceiling, and live your truth.

Depressed to Daring was a bit of an odd choice for me to review; at this stage in my life, I work for myself and didn't think I needed help overcoming the glass ceiling at this stage in my career and life. But, upon reading this book, I realized that not only do I wish I'd read it in my 20s but that the concepts outlined in the book are just as usable and relevant for me in my 50s as they would have been earlier.

Shaw argues that women often miss out on opportunities because of our training. We're told to suppress our emotions, rather than confronting them and using them to propel ourselves forward. We often shut down because change is scary. We create our own glass ceilings, Shaw argues, and we become people-pleasers. Her solution? Reflection, understanding of our triggers, and building skills to respond to situations rather than reacting when we are triggered. In addition, the book forces readers to focus on their own emotions and to let go of the idea that we're responsible for what other people feel.

Shaw creates a tone here that is not unlike what you'd want your best girlfriend to take with you when you aren't treating yourself well or engaging in negative self-talk. While the tone is empathetic, Shaw doesn't hesitate to tell readers what they need to hear regarding radical self-care, how we've built patterns and behaviors based on years of conditioning, or how we need to turn to others at times to move forward. Part of what makes this effective is Shaw's willingness to share her intensely personal experiences, including near-death experiences, personal relationship failures, and work problems.

Personal stories lead the reader to invest in herself through the exercises in the book. This book could easily be used as a guided journaling workbook, as several chapters have listing and reflection exercises that would take place over days, weeks, and months. Shaw's activities focus on identifying our dominant emotions, goals, and plans for self-care. The book encourages readers to focus on themselves and their goals as the primary target, which is what makes this book valuable for any woman looking to achieve more in her life--individually, as a partner/family member, or as part of a team at work.

I plan to do some journaling soon with the exercises laid out in the book!

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Angelic Rodgers lives in the Little Rock area with her wife, two unruly cats, and two codependent dogs. She is currently working on her sixth novel. You can keep up with her at www.angelicrodgers.com

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Adonica has been a weather woman, a TEDx Speaker, a Division I athlete, a contestant on a dating show and she’s even run for office. In her debut book, “Depressed to Daring,” she shares the secrets to her success, and how she’s been able to beat anxiety despite everything life has thrown her way. view profile

Published on January 31, 2020

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