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Death Warden


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Storm it, this fantasy YA book is totally lit! Definitely delivers on all of its promises.

“Sometimes, the kind of power we wield can corrupt the heart.”

If there's one thing I can gush over about this book, it's how perfectly structured it is to hook an unsuspecting reader from page one and yank them along all the way to the final page, sleep and chores be damned. This is exactly what it did to me.

Alternating its narratives between the present and the past, Death Warden effectively builds its story up with enough tension and mystery to keep me engaged, intrigued, and tied down to a quest for the truth that dove right into the darkest corners of the human mind and soul. It's a good vs. evil tale, where you're never quite sure where the lines are drawn; or what sort of destruction could arise from even the best of intentions; or how the worst person for the job could actually turn out to be its final salvation.

This book may have started out as a story about a young death warden trying to run away from a duty she did not choose for herself, but at its core it is really about the interconnectivity of life: how the actions (or inactions) of one man could affect the life of another; how the corruption of one good soul could lead to a world of evil; and how love—from its purest to its most corrupted forms—can really make all the difference.

The world within the story was also well-formed, its histories and magical laws fleshed out so well that they effortlessly moved the story along in a way that felt natural and believable.

I loved how details about Reen's life were revealed little by little, in perfectly measured strides that had me gasping and cursing and breaking apart with her over each revelation. I also really loved how each word formed images in my head and tension in my chest with ease, like what a good storyteller with clear intentions for their story's purpose could do.

I also really wish I had a teacher like Mistress Pirrot.

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Published on November 15, 2019

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