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Death of Decorum


Worth reading 😎

A fast-paced, humorous light-read, jam-packed with profanities and wit.

This book is only 20000 words and yet so much happens in it! As I started reading, I thought this would be a causally comical, perhaps even an easy read due to the snappy short-sentences and frequent onomatopoeia. Yet, as you progress through the book, fast-paced and random events grab your attention by the throat and pull you along to the next scenario. I was constantly intrigued as to whatever misfortune Sophateal would encounter next.

Its interesting how the main character appears somewhat unaffected after the first scenario of excitement (after his ex-girlfriend attempts to rob him). He does dwell on his ex-girlfriend often, yet he moves on rather quickly in the face of what should be perceived as a tragedy. Instead of breaking down wholly, he returns to work and thus begins a series of unfortunate (and severely unlucky) events. In terms of how one key event moves to another, however, its a little too fast-paced for my liking. Regardless, anybody who wants something to laugh about during their lunch-breaks to break up their repetitive days can find comedy in the unfortunate yet spectacularly named Sophateal Delinus and how he reacts to his world essentially falling apart around him in one very unlucky and disastrous day.

I sympathise with the character in some cases and in others I just want to yell "Get your life together!" yet I cannot help but giggle at the abundance of misery the author puts him through. Instead of spiraling into some expected depression or even an existential monologue, the book remains light-hearted and pushes Sophateal through, even when he is literally getting the life kicked out of him. The universe Redmond has created is very unsympathetic towards his protagonist, yet I can't help but feel like this is a realistic view on how our reality is for vulnerable people on the street. Whether they have just been robbed, assaulted or even slept through their alarm due to a rough night, urban life isn't always supportive nor does it make your situation easy, even when you are asking for help.

What with everything going on in the book (pretty much everything you can expect in the worst days of a working man's life), I found it difficult to keep track on what was happening. Yet, there wasn't a moment where I wasn't entertained by the amusing and brief dialogues exchanged between individuals, or near-constant profanities expressed left right and center. The plot may not be too clear to me, but I can tell that the author's motive was to make the reader laugh at every possible opportunity and for that I found this a very entertaining read!

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Ten years ago, I left law school because I realized I'd rather write novels than work in an office. I suppose life got in the way because it was not until recently that I began editing my first books and my stories came to life. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them. view profile

Published on April 28, 2020

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20000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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