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Poetry for anyone with a keen interest in the mysterious allure of Tarot and spiritualism.

Beautifully illustrated throughout with simple line drawings, this collection of poems is clearly a labour of love for the author. Wasserman seems to offer the reader an invitation to take this collection and experience, in some ways, their own tarot reading by letting such things as intuition and introspection guide them through where typically, a card reader would.

I enjoyed the unusual layout of the poems themselves, with each page either illustrated, or holding two poems: one in the top right, and one in the bottom left corner on the page. The effect of this is reminiscent of tarot cards themselves, which take on different significance based on which side up they're put down on the table - an apt and clever choice on the part of the poet.

From a technical perspective, the poems themselves are simple, with no capitalisation and line breaks employed in a move to create a heightened sense of profundity, which the author sometimes accomplishes in this collection. On occasion, the effect of the break (and at time rhyme scheme) can come off a little forced, however this is something that is certainly eased and overcome with maturity in the genre.

At times, the writing takes on an almost-moonlit quality; the poems seem to glow, gently whispered to you off the page, and this is where Wasserman shows his skill as a budding poet. Making your way through this work - particularly from the section entitled 'Wands' onwards - the words take on a hushed, near-mystical air, nudging the reader to think and feel deeper into the Self.

This collection would be perfectly at home on the shelves of any reader interested in spirituality and the arcane arts, and I'm personally keen to see how Wasserman's writing develops in the future.

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We are all dealing with something.

This book deals with interpreting the Tarot.

Poet David Wasserman (Tiny Footcrunch) deals with the positives and negatives of each card through small, haiku-length poems. Artist and Project Runway All-Star Helen Castillo deals with exploring the Major Arcana through beautiful and haunting illustrations.

This potent combination of poet and artist delivers a fresh approach to reading both the Tarot and poetry. Dealing invites you to find the perfect combination of poem and illustration to help you deal with your current state. Just as you would meditate and reflect upon cards drawn from a Tarot deck, trust your intuition and grow from the words and pictures within.

A portion of the proceeds will be proudly donated to New York City non-profit Literacy, INC.

About the author

David Wasserman is an elementary school teacher and lives in the mostly quiet woods of Connecticut with his wife and daughter. He is the author of Tiny Footcrunch and Dealing: Tarot Poems and Pictures (featuring art by Project Runway's Helen Castillo), both published by Unsolicited Press. view profile

Published on July 30, 2019

Published by Unsolicited Press

2000 words

Genre: Poetry

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