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Dead Man's Pose


Loved it! 😍

A fun romp through the back alleys and posh streets of Sydney that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Not only an exciting murder mystery, this book also works as a fun travel log through Sydney Australia and the smaller towns on the central coast. On this journey, follow Yoga instructor Elaina and one of her students, Ric, through the posh neighborhoods and seedy alleyways of Australia’s big city as they try to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of one of her other students, Mario.

I loved how this story interwove the mystery plot with bits of Australian history and architectural facts about the city itself. The mystery is fast paced and filled with an eclectic cast of side characters as rich and complex as a demitasse of good espresso.

Oh the espresso! A word of warning- this book will make you crave not only a trip down-under but also lots of well-brewed coffee. Since travel all the way to Australia was a tad out of my budget, I settled for espresso and although it probably wasn’t as good as Ric’s brew, it made for a fun multi-sensory experience while reading.

I also really enjoyed the budding relationship between Elaina and Ric as they learned more about each other while investigating Mario’s death. What made their amateur sleuthing really believable is how cautious they were. Both Ric and especially Elaina knew their own limitations and didn’t want to act outside the law. It was refreshing to read about amateur detectives who didn’t just jump in head first but rather wanted to keep the police involved and only stuck to tasks that seemed low risk. That doesn’t mean that Elaina and Ric don’t end up in some scrapes or that their story is dull by any means. Rather I found their motivations very believable and their caution realistic.

The characters that our detecting duo meet along their journey to discovering Mario’s killers were also an entertaining mix of knowledgeable experts and funny oddballs. It becomes clear from the start that Ric is not just an average photojournalist and that his dark history has given him access to a network of interesting people with various skills. These people include a professor specializing in creative thinking, a street performer, and the mayor of Sydney himself. Every character has a part to play in helping Elaina and Ric uncover the truth and it’s exciting to watch as it all plays out.

I’m glad that there will be more from these two characters and if I ever find myself in Sydney I will be sure to bring this book along as a fun guide to all the good cafes and beautiful sites to visit.

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Shavasana – Dead Man’s Pose

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Published on March 15, 2022

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