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Daughters of the Mayflower Universe


Worth reading 😎

This future sci-fi tale has the potential for mass success, but there's some story elements it needs to expand on or rethink first.

I was drawn in to Celie Wells’ book from its gorgeous cover. The turquoise-blue above the eye posing as the oceans is sensationally breathtaking, like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and any author would be blessed to have this cover for their creation. Now onto the interior.

The first half of this book is in the 4-star category. Throughout the book there are some sadly very noticeable grammar mistakes, but the book still feels fresh thanks to lots of benefits. I loved the prologue explaining the history of how the Earth shrivelled up in 2076, half from a giant Manx comet and half from generations of careless havoc on the environment. From the dangers of climate change and no one being able to make the changes needed to keep the world healthy, I not only could see the disaster happening, but the life celebrations becoming a required tradition. This world is going to persist in my head.

There are also several interesting concepts about arranged marriages to keep legacies alive when possible, and there are very good descriptions about the situations and the world. The relationship between Karine and her two siblings, Beryl and Hess, always kept me intrigued, especially Hess when she and Karine have a harrowing fight about Jason. The book as a whole also has a reasonable length.

But the second half is in the 2-star field. It involves a hostage plot and there ends up being a lot of unrealistic dialogue. Right off the bat the kidnappers reveal their entire plans and ways of life without considering the fact their enemies could use that info against them, and Karine is also as open to the hostages as if she were speaking to long-time friends. There were numerous possibilities for escape. Considering how fierce Reds are brutalized, how one was even voted to be executed earlier, you’d think a few of them would show signs of anger or fear towards those who disagree with their politics. A love triangle also develops, and the side-plot around another guy and Karine develops so fast it comes off as insta-love heavy. The ending could’ve been more fast-paced too.

Daughters of the Mayflower Universe has a masterful sci-fi plot I can see happening in the decades to come, I love the cover, and there’s a lot to keep me invested, but it needs polishing to get a higher reach.

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