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Danika's Dancing Day


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A fantastic way to learn more about dance while having a magical time out of one’s ordinary day.

Danika’s Dancing Day by Once Upon a Dance is book 12 of the very educational Dance-It-Out! Collection of Creative Movement Stories. I have previously read an earlier story in the series and this one is just as wonderful and fun! Even readers who are not into ballet can find it entertaining, engaging and worth the read.

I just love the beautiful illustrations in the story. They can really help the young readers visualize themselves dancing, learning and having a marvelous time like Danika. Somehow, they also have this calming effect and a sense of magic in them that entices the readers more.

Such illustrations express the story perfectly where the readers are made to see Danika make the most of each day’s task as she practices her dance. Even ordinary household chores become fantastic opportunities to perform her dance movements. Interactions with nature become avenues to broaden her imagination and her sense of appreciation for her chosen craft.

It’s playful and immersive from beginning to end. There is no dull reading moment with Danika who is also joined by Ballerina Konora, the professional ballerina who helps the reader make the most of the story by teaching simple yet practical dancing concepts and methods as one reads along.

This is a highly recommended book for parents and children who want to spend a fabulous time reading, learning and dancing along!

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Two Ballerinas dance on the pages of this charming story of ballet passion.

Danika loves ballet. She translates each ordinary aspect of her life into a remarkable dance performance. Ballerina Konora (a professional ballerina) joins the fun with how-to instructions and photos for kids who want to dance along with Danika, Penelope the cat, and their animal friends.

This is book 12 of the Dance-It-Out! Collection of Creative Movement Stories. While each book is an independent story, Danika’s Dancing Day builds on concepts introduced in earlier stories, and it’s ideal for dance student, kids ages 5+, or children who have enjoyed other books in the series.

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Once Upon a Dance is a mother-daughter team. With 3 main kids' dance series (21 books), they are on a mission to keep kids stuck at home connected with movement. Ballerina Konora is a professional ballet dancer, and Teacher Terrel taught dance for decades. Visit www.OnceUponADance.com. view profile

Published on January 20, 2022

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