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Dancing with Death — An inspiring Real-Life Story of Epic Travel Adventure


Loved it! 😍

Join Jean-Philippe and Luke as they journey along the Central American coastline, a fantastic read.

I was surprised by Dancing with Death. A lot of adventure stories are about mountaineering or one man’s quest against all the odds to battle the elements. So the title perhaps leads you to think this book will be the same.

Dancing with Death shares the story between Jean-Philippe Soulé and Luke Shullenberger as they decide to undertake an amazing adventure to kayak around Central America’s coastline. This split in the story provides a great contrast between the two men’s experiences of the adventure and their insights into the countries they visit, written at the time in their journals.

The book is broken down into sections based on the countries they visited on their journey with the voices of the men taking turns. It’s refreshing that they aren’t just on a quest to complete the adventure in the fastest time but instead spend three years exploring the landscape and learning about the different cultures. Their journey often takes them inland as they explore jungles and rivers so as a reader you visit more than just the coastlines.

The book covers in exquisite detail the cultures they find, from learning about the use of rattlesnakes in Mayan medicine in Belize to the changes in culture on the coast of Nicaragua. 

The honest portrayal of experiencing difficulties with the endeavour is refreshing and bold. To undertake a kayaking adventure when neither could kayak at the start is impressive! 

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Driven by a desire for adventure and his passion for meeting diverse people, Jean-Philippe left his native France to travel the world. Today, through his Live Your Adventure memoir series, Jean-Philippe inspires people to embrace their dreams and live life to the fullest. view profile

Published on March 01, 2021

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