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Damage Report


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The themes of life, death, and humanity are discussed at the heart of each of the three stories.

Damage Report is not a book, but rather a collection of short stories (The Old Man, Long Shot, and Damage Report). At the core of each story, the elements of life, death, and/or humanity are discussed through a science-fiction lens.

I will begin by saying that these short stories are well-written. They are free of many of the grammatical, mechanical, and tense errors sometimes found in a newer author’s works, which allows one to be fully immersed into the happenings of the story.  I can also appreciate the author’s evident depth of knowledge about the military and the research that must have taken place in order to craft credible stories set so far in the future.

The two stories I enjoyed the most are The Old Man and Damage Report. The Old Man is a deeply thought-provoking story. It raises the question: At what point is living forever no longer enjoyable? Often in stories centered on immortality, we are privy to what a character’s never-ending life is like (the day-to-day), but in rarer circumstances is adequate time spent on whether immortality eventually becomes undesirable. I liked the slower, contemplative nature of the story. Damage Report was equally as interesting. Written in a slower, dialogue driven fashion, like The Old Man, Damage Report is a story about researchers trying to decide whether they should inhabit a particular planet or not. The story made me think about our planet, and the future of the people on it. Are we too going to face a similar situation one day - having to look for somewhere new to inhabit?

Long Shot is a miss for me. Not because it isn’t well written, but because of the more military based nature of the story. I am unfamiliar with most military jargon, technology, etc., and it doesn’t really interest me. Because of this, I found it hard to follow along with the story. At times, it seemed bogged down by over explanation, and I read more quickly to try to get through those parts.

Although the three stories shared similar themes, they don’t really intersect at all. The entire time I read, I was hoping that the stories would integrate in some fashion, but that never occurred. I think that would be a cool element if that were to somehow happen.

Overall: I would rate this collection of stories at a 3.5. I enjoyed them, but I did find myself speed-reading through much of Long Shot due to it being a little long-winded in areas. If you are typically drawn to books with a plethora of action, then these are not the stories for you. However, if you prefer stories that allow you to question and internalize, then you would probably enjoy reading these. I would definitely consider reading something by this author in the future. 

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The Old Man

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Published on September 22, 2020

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