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Dakota Son


Loved it! 😍

A gem of a book with page-turning writing and believable characters in the modern world with a twist. Emotional, funny and very different.

This was a very different book to anything I've ever read before and it was definitely a good one.

The characters were superb, making them highly believable and credible. This made you picture something that could happen in reality. The main characters are relatable to the point where you can build a connection with them and feel like you're there with them, which helps immerse you into the story really well.

Significantly, the book covers a lot of important topics such as being LGBT+, chronic illness and family problems. The author raises awareness by writing about these issues incredibly well. This makes Dakota Son a very important read that can successfully appeal not only to a YA audience but to an adult audience as well.

I didn't have any problems with the actual writing whatsoever; it is descriptive but engaging which was good. What did bother me slightly was the length of the chapters being fairly long so you can't really have a break between the heavy moments, which would have been useful.

This was a good read; I highly recommend it.

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Published on June 05, 2018

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