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Loved it! 😍

Cyber's Escape is an excellent follow-up to Cyber's Change with its mix of science fiction and human bigotry.

Cyber's Escape continues from where Cyber's Change left off and it deals with the consequences of the actions taken in the first book. For one, Cassie has to explain the cyber-implant in her head to her technophobe parents. For another, she has to deal with the fallout of the video that she shot and went viral. Both these issues form the core of the book. The author has done a great job with addressing both these issues.

The standout feature of the books in the Cyber series is the realistic way in which people interact with one another.

The first layer is the Sapiens movement as such and how easy it is for people to get swayed by an us versus them mentality. Obviously, the second layer is all the more relevant now given the rise of extreme right wing movements across the world and in the US. I am not going to go into too much detail about the parallels except to mention that they exist, that they are obvious and how easy it is to apply this mentality to new paradigms in the world. I think Jamie Davis has done justice to this idea by picking technology/AI as the next rung in humanities ladder of prejudices.

But, what makes me want to read more in this series is the next layer of the interactions i.e. Cassie's relations to her family and Shelby. The author has done a fantastic job in showing the various emotions and reactions to Cassie's implant. All of these seemed quite real including the one towards the end of the book. Each person in her community has varying opinions about Cassie (even before they know about the implant) and I liked the way the author subtly contrasts the older generation's biases to the younger generation's open-mindedness. This drama is what keeps the reader's interest going.

As far the science in science fiction is concerned, it is decent enough. The concept of linking to cyber implants & linking to AIs is not new. But the focus is less on the usage and more on the impact of society, which I think makes for a better story.

Overall, I liked Cyber's Escape. It is a bit short like its predecessor but I will look forward to find out what Cassie has in her future.

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Jamie Davis is a nurse, retired paramedic, author, and nationally recognized medical educator. He lives at a home in the woods in Maryland with his wife, three children, and dog. Reach out and say "hi.” Visit JamieDavisBooks.com for more books, free offers and more! view profile

Published on June 28, 2019

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