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Cut Her Out In Little Stars


Must read 🏆

I couldn’t put this book down! Space opera Romeo and Juliet that gives me vibes of the best books I have ever read. Cannot recommend enough!

I received a free ARC of Cut Her Out In Little Stars thanks to the publisher through Reedsy.

Cara is a spitfire from modern times that ends up, through a freak accident, 900 years in the future. Cool technology and space travel. What’s not to love? Probably the interplanetary war, lack of hot showers, and the infuriating Commander, Caine. On top of all that, no one is telling her anything but half-truths and lies.

Caine discovers Cara has mysteriously arrived on his ship in the middle of a, potentially catastrophic, battle. Everything about her screams dangerous Hostile. Under the authorization of the Council he infiltrates her mind and discovers the truth, but something happens that might change his world forever. 

Cara and Caine are tossed together in the Romeo and Juliet space opera with millions of lives on the line. 

This book has the perfect amount of high-stakes and emotional build-up that had me invested right away. I loved the combat. I love the slow moments where Cara is figuring out this new world. Every aspect of character-development is wonderful and makes you more invested in what is going to happen next. 

The banter is that is there is great (although I am always a fan of more) and the heart-felt moments are the absolute best. I was in tears and laughing throughout the story. My only complaint is that there isn’t more (and at over 400 pages that’s saying a lot). I cannot wait to see what happens next and what this author continues to bring. 

This is, by far, in my 10 ten of the year, and likely even higher. And that’s going up against some beasts (Circe, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, American Royals, The Fountains of Silence, and so many others). I cannot recommend this enough! You need to find out what happens to Cara and Caine and then tell me your thoughts!

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Published on January 15, 2021

Published by Solstice

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