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Cultivated Abundance


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Cultivated Abundance explores how new transformative technology entrepreneurship can solve humanity's most challenging problems.

There are many intractable situations that affect humanity today. In Cultivated Abundance, Mihir Pershad discusses the types of transformative technologies that are likely to solve some of these intractable problems. The author explores solutions to the most challenging problems primarily through the lens of the agricultural system. Pershad draws attention to certain principles that are based on prior transformative solutions. According to Mihir Pershad, if entrepreneurs incorporated these principles into their building and scaling strategies, that could maximize success.

I wanted to read this book because of the author’s unusual spin about solving some of humanity's most challenging problems. Looking at food as one of our oldest technologies is brilliant, and this analogy made me smile. Using food as a medium to discuss global challenges is a great way to take the sting out of the discussion and make it more personal. The book is not an easy read if you are not focused. However, once the reader is focused, they can glean a lot of new information.

Mihir Pershad uses the agricultural system to discuss a sensitive topic in a way that will elicit deep conversations. The author believes that the same principles that help entrepreneurs solve challenging agricultural problems can be used to solve similar problems in other major sectors. Pershad uses the agricultural sector as the primary lens because most persons can relate to food on a deeply personal level, regardless of their background.

Pershad stated that he hopes his book captures the imagination of others and he has captured my imagination. I believe this book will also capture the imagination of many others, especially those who are interested in transformative solutions. Persons who read this book will learn that applying the right transformative technologies can solve many of humanity’s serious problems.  I recommend this book for industry experts, researchers, startup entrepreneurs, non profit advocacy groups, and science communicators.

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Serial entrepreneur Mihir Pershad has founded or scaled technology startups in the medical device, biotechnology, aquaculture, and education sectors. Pershad is currently the CEO of Umami Meats, a cultivated seafood startup, as well as Venture Partner at Early Charm Ventures. view profile

Published on July 27, 2020

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