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A well-written introduction to common techniques in fundamental and technical analysis applied to trading in cryptocurrency.

Just a few years ago, the idea of having a monetary unit based on cryptography - mathematical formulae for encrypting and decrypting information (here: transactions) - to avoid third parties like banks was for the most part only investigated and discussed by computer geeks. As this idea has been continually built upon and improved since then, however, it has been increasingly accepted in the financial market as a viable trading/investment tool.

While many cryptos can seem too volatile to use as money or long-term investments, it currently offers a lot of opportunities for trading and short-term investments. For those who want to seize those in an attempt to accrue some profit, "Cryptotrading Pro" is an excellent introduction to understand what kind of questions to ask and which strategies to use to have a higher chance for conducting regular successful investments in the market.

In trading and investment, it's generally distinguished between two modes of analysis: fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is predicated on analyzing news about macroeconomic and political events and deducing how that may affect the prices of one's assets, and technical analysis is based on looking at the assets' historical statistics and using special techniques to identify trends and to determine if it's likely to break out of them (and if it'll be an increase or decrease in price).

For sound trading and investing, claims Norman, investors should have a decent understanding of how to use both of them, and to be able to apply them accordingly based on which they consider most appropriate for their own investing plans and strategies. The sound investor must also, of course, understand the financial tool he's investing in, what gives it value, what factors affect changes in its price, etc., as well as the pros and cons (i.e. fees) of the broker he uses. Norman provides much such useful advise on what beginner investors ought to be wary about and what kind of questions to ask.

Overall, "Cryptotrading Pro" is an excellent starter for new investors who want to try out trading in crypto, and can possibly also offer value for experienced traders in showing how to apply the relevant techniques in the field. For those who only want to understand what cryptocurrencies are and do, however, there are many other more suitable books; the emphasis in this book is how to use trading/investing techniques to profit from them.

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Understanding the cryptocurrency market and psychology of the game

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Alan T. Norman is a proud, savvy, and ethical hacker from San Francisco City. Alan now works for a mid-size Informational Technology Firm in the heart of SFC. He aspires to work for the United States government as a security hacker, but also loves teaching others about the future of technology. view profile

Published on November 30, 2018

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