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Crime Denied


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A serial killer and burglary/car theft escalated, Agent Buck Taylor is busy, esp. when his name is carved on the back of another victim.

The soft-drink loving detective, Buck Taylor, is being tested. Alicia Hawkins, good girl turned serial killer is upping her game. She’s on her fourteenth kill and has no qualms in leaving behind her DNA – they haven’t caught her yet so little point in hiding her genetic identity.

Buck, along with his partner Ashley ‘Bax’ Baxter and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have their work cut out for them. Not only are the CBI searching for Alicia, they have to up the scrutiny on the people carrying out the high-end car thefts as they have escalated to include assault and battery.

When Buck’s homeless friend PIS is stabbed, it becomes extremely personal – bar the fact that Alicia carved Buck's name on the back of the last victim. Why was she targeting him?

Jessie is frustrated with her step-mom. Yes, she’s brilliant at hacking all the security systems that makes it a slightly easier task of getting into the places that house the high-end cars they’re after, but its Jessie and her two brothers that are taking the real risks by actually carrying out the job. But, one more car and then they can return to Montana, richer than ever and that will be it. Easy. They haven’t been caught yet…

Alicia is running out of time. She needs to make her sixteenth kill on a key anniversary. She committed the last fifteen murders on her own – does she really want to share this particular one with two fans. Can she trust them? Should they trust her?

With two crimes running simultaneously, Chuck Morgan’s novel is complex and riveting. With a deluge of law enforcement comrades, Buck Taylor reluctantly engages in modern technology and along with Bax’s thorough investigations, they pull apart clues both past and present that will lead them to the criminals.

With graphic killings detailed from the get-go and realistic police investigations, Morgan’s plot is rich with drama and horror. The main protagonist (Buck) was portrayed as thoughtful and methodical and little quirky personality traits made him realistic. Other characters have likeable behaviors and the interactions between departments – from state to medical – add great depth to the whole story.

There is a lot of detail given to the both stories – serial killer and car thieves – so with a further sub-plot of Buck’s friend given, I assumed it linked back to the authors other Buck Taylor novels, but as this was my first time reading Buck’s investigations (and therefore meeting all characters for the first time) this section felt like a lot of information. Another minor distraction for me was the overuse of Alicia’s surname, especially in the first few chapters.

Overall, it is a well written book, with excellent imagery, descriptions and good conversations. It’s a really good suspense novel that any fan of this genre will enjoy. 

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A published author, mom and wife. When I'm not reading, I love to craft - paper, wool, clay, cloth (don't mention how much glitter there is...) as well as bake. My six years old daughter keeps me busy and always smiling. I hail from the UK but have been living in the US for just over nine years.

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Chuck Morgan spent thirty-five years as a construction project manager. He is an avid outdoorsman, an Eagle Scout, and a licensed private pilot. He enjoys camping, mountain biking, and fly-fishing. He is the author of the Crime series, featuring Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent Buck Taylor. view profile

Published on February 19, 2020

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