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COVIDinners: Adventures in Quarantine Dining


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Fed up with quarantine cooking and looking for a laugh? COVIDinners should give you a good laugh.

COVIDinners: Adventures in Quarantine Dining is by Katie M. Zeigler. In an effort to keep her families spirits up while sheltering in place, her kitchen whiteboard became the home to daily silly dinner drawings. They were amusing to family and friends so she thought they may be amusing to the general public as well.

There are about 50 drawings in the book, all of with the name of the dinner du jour, an adorable illustration but what really gave me the giggles was the hashtag at the bottom of each photo.

If you're anything like me during this pandemic, you're probably completely over having to make dinner (and maybe haven't ever had to cook so much for yourself and your family every before!) so you probably also need a laugh. Be sure to check out COVIDinners. It's a really quick read, but also a guaranteed laugh or two.

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I love to read and lately have been reading several books a week.


A hilarious and heartfelt collection of daily quarantine dinner menus! Irreverent and, at times, downright ridiculous, Zeigler's creations will keep you laughing and well-fed!

What began as one simple drawing on author Katie M. Zeigler’s kitchen whiteboard, quickly turned into a sounding board for the daily highs and lows of quarantine life. Irreverent, at times political and downright ridiculous, Zeigler's creations will keep you laughing and well-fed.

From Fauci Fajitas to Socially Distant Soup, COVIDinners not only offers a daily dose of laughter for anyone needing a distraction from quarantine life, but provides a glimpse into what brings us together as a community.

About the author

Katie M Zeigler is a writer and professor living in Walnut Creek, CA. Zeigler holds a BA and MA in English from Stanford University and has published a variety of short fiction. She teaches creative writing at Diablo Valley College and is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at St. Mary's College. view profile

Published on July 16, 2020

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