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Coriander's Light: Book One of The Kelyon Lights Series


Worth reading 😎

Coriander's journey is one of adventure, romance and self-discovery. Unfortunately, I feel like I've read it before.

While the buildup of the storyline takes a while to occur, once the journey begins it is pretty engaging. In essence, it has all of the pieces of a great YA novel: self-discovery, a journey, romance, mysticism, an epic battle, an alternate world/reality, and the big reveal. Unfortunately, it didn't come across in a way that felt particularly new or refreshing. While the attention to descriptive details of scenery is appreciated, often there was a yearning to have that same level of description when unpacking the supernatural skills and attributes that the characters exhibit. In the end, I found myself wanting to know more about Coriander and didn't feel as invested in the character arc as I would have liked. However, there were moments that made me smile, especially during Coriander's interactions with her friends, both new and old. As this is the first book in the series it will be interesting to experience the growth of both the character and the author as the series moves forward.

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Writing only recently became a passion of mine. I love to read and I noticed that out of all of the YA fiction and fantasy books that I read, very few had a protagonist of color. Throwing caution to the wind, I embarked on writing a novel that I would want to read and others could also enjoy. view profile

Published on October 31, 2018

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