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All the mystery and suspense from our favorite action films written in one book.

Dwayne Gill takes all the mystery and suspense from our favorite action films and writes it with a creative punch. Written by Blood: Conviction follows the mission of Cane, a mysterious character shadowed by a past working in espionage — a life full of violence, distrust, and secrecy. Although Cane's story is so mysterious, Gill successfully gives him agency and a voice at the start of his novel, making the reader invested in his story. Enshrouded in his complex past is a key that reveals everything the reader wants to know about Cane, making Gill’s novel a page-turner. 

The story takes place in the near future and follows Cane after he finds a suspicious cassette player in his car. The unknown voice on the tape gives him an order — save Natalie, an innocent college student. With tech-savvy spy and friend, Lynks, Cane sets off to investigate this girl, Natalie. Turns out, the men after Natalie are the same men Cane hunted long ago. And now, they’re after him.

Gill's use of the third-person perspective allows us insight into the action and thoughts of Cane, and the marked men he hunts down. It keeps the reader guessing what will happen next and engaged in epic fights of the hunter and the hunted.

Gill’s writing includes great imagery and is definitely one with a creative knack for making fantasy seem realistic; however, there are scenes written in the passive voice but are supposed to be filled with action. At these moments a scene can seem drawn out or not as exciting as the author may have intended.

Overall, Written by Blood: Conviction is an entertaining book for lovers of all kinds of genres as the author includes elements of adventure, suspense, drama, and sci-fi in this novel. Gill's story is one of a series, and after reading this book, you'll definitely want to read more and follow the life of Cane.

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Dwayne Gill has a big imagination. If you like action thrillers, unlikely, conflicted heroes, twists, and character development that has a much deeper moral than most other thrillers in its genre, you’ll want to follow the series Written By Blood. view profile

Published on December 03, 2018

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