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Worth reading 😎

Fantastic supplementary reading to Think and Grow Rich and The Secret. Illustrates the mindset of success with exquisite detail.


The management books of the 1960s served their purpose. The Leadership Guru's of the 1990s had their day. Times have changed and so has Leadership. Every human on this planet is a born leader, full of untapped potential to make a mark, build an organisation, achieve something profound or make the world a better place. Unfortunately, almost nine in ten leave an imprint that does nothing for the world and even creates a negative legacy.

In Conscious Leadership, Mike Handcock and Landi Jac have put forward the view, that to be conscious, one must be prepared to do the deep inner work within oneself. That the role of the leader is three things, the management of energy, environment and enterprise in balance with one another. This formative work heads deep into human potential and new science, whilst supported by ancient wisdom, practical application and broadening the view by asking the questions most people never ask themselves, or their colleagues. Conscious Leadership is truly a blueprint for people who want to thrive in the mid 21st century.

In contrast to common perception, success is not merely a destination or a goal, but also a mindset and a lifestyle. It's to be fired up with energy, to be driven, to be aware of your potential, and to live every day in the pursuit of constant and continual self-improvement. I always enjoy reading books that provide adequate appreciation of this understanding of success, and it's very telling from how they are written that many of them have adopted this as a way of life rather than merely perceiving it as a curious abstract phenomenon to be theoretically analyzed. In the words of Carl G. Jung,

Today, our basic convictions have become increasingly rationalistic. Our philosophy is no longer a way of life, as it was in antiquity; it has turned into an exclusively intellectual and academic affair.

In my opinion, Mike Handcock is one of those great authors who understands the true application of philosophy and the mindset of success. It's perfectly clear from his writing that he has an intense drive and has a stunning curiosity and imagination that keeps him exploring new fields of knowledge to get a better understanding of the reality we're living in. A lot of different subjects are thus discussed throughout the book, including lessons from his childhood and business experience, history, ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy, psychology, organizational theory, religion, astrology, physics... the list goes on and on. It's truly fascinating to witness how he tries to connect the dots between them and how interconnected everything really is.

My reasoning for rating Conscious Leadership as "Worth Reading" rather than a "Must-read" is not so much due to any faults with the book itself as how it compares to similar works it has been built on. As I've already read works like Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Millionaire Fastlane, and others, Handcock's book doesn't reveal many new great insights into the nature of the human potential beyond what those authors have done, perhaps with the exception of a few details in his analysis of this energy of success based on the many fields of knowledge he has included theories from.

If you've already read many of those same books, Conscious Leadership can offer a great reminder and supplementary material to their core message, but if this is the first of the kind for you, I can say without a doubt that it has a lot of great content in store for you to unleash your true potential.

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Avid reader curious to always learn more about human nature and the world at large. Our capacity of reason allows us to explore these wonders, hence Pascal's assertion that "Man is obviously made to think. It is the whole of his dignity, his whole merit; and his whole duty is to think as he ought."


The management books of the 1960s served their purpose. The Leadership Guru's of the 1990s had their day. Times have changed and so has Leadership. Every human on this planet is a born leader, full of untapped potential to make a mark, build an organisation, achieve something profound or make the world a better place. Unfortunately, almost nine in ten leave an imprint that does nothing for the world and even creates a negative legacy.

In Conscious Leadership, Mike Handcock and Landi Jac have put forward the view, that to be conscious, one must be prepared to do the deep inner work within oneself. That the role of the leader is three things, the management of energy, environment and enterprise in balance with one another. This formative work heads deep into human potential and new science, whilst supported by ancient wisdom, practical application and broadening the view by asking the questions most people never ask themselves, or their colleagues. Conscious Leadership is truly a blueprint for people who want to thrive in the mid 21st century.

The Quantum World

‘Because the wise men of the past thought out the order of the external world down to it’s ultimate constituents and the laws of their own inwardness down to its deepest core, they succeeded in understanding fate.’ 

The I-Ching

I couldn’t not watch the video on YouTube. They were smart. They had made science into a catchy house beat song, but it wasn’t the graphics or the beat that really got me. They had Morgan Freeman fronting it. The man who literally played God was at the front of the video. To have someone so convincing made me keep it on past the obligatory few seconds scan we all do. 

What then captured me was Professor Brian Cox from Manchester University saying everything is just 12 particles of matter and 4 forces of nature. I liked Brian, he was in a boy band in the 90’s that had a top ten hit. Now he was one of the leading Quantum Physicists on the planet.

It was basic Quantum Physics, and that is the basis of everything there is.

All Matter comes from light. 

All Light comes from sound.

I didn’t understand the 12 particles. Bosons and Leptons were a little above my year 10 physics experience, but I did understand the four forces of nature. Strong Forces and Weak Forces, Gravity and Electro-Magnetics were clear to me and this is all there was. Regardless of the object being a coffee table, Renoir masterpiece of your mother in law. That’s all there is.

All of this is created by sound. Frequency is the basis of everything. Being a musician I understand frequency and any of you that have ever played with a note on a Piano realise that each note vibrates at a certain number of cycles per second. We call these cycles Hertz (Hz) and even the earth herself gives out a frequency, 7.83Hz, which is also called the Schumann Resonance. You can only hear down to about 20 Hz otherwise the sound of your home would drive you nuts.

I realised that if everything is a bunch of particles which vibrate emitting frequency in doing so, held together by either attraction or repulsion via gravity, electro-magnetism and their friends a strong or weak force and that in fact creates some overtones, harmonies because everything has sound as it’s base, then the whole world is like one big orchestra and cacophony of noise competing to resonate and harmonise together.

Relationship of Things

Through my studies of Pythagoras who was so much more a musician, philosopher and astronomer than a mathematician, I became aware that everything relates to something else at a quantum level. 

Pythagoras said: ‘There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres.’

He was right. Our whole universe was one giant musical instrument. The earth is F#. The ancient Greeks created the diatonic scale of music commonly used today and considered the relationship between the planets to be musical. In Manly P. Hall’s ‘Secret Teaching of the Ages’ he states:

“The Greek initiates also recognised a fundamental relationship between the individual heavens or spheres of the seven planets, and the seven sacred vowels. 

The first heaven uttered the sound of the sacred vowel Α (Alpha); the second heaven, the sacred vowel Ε (Epsilon); the third, Η (Eta); the fourth, Ι (Iota); the fifth, Ο (Omicron); the sixth, Υ (Upsilon); and the seventh heaven, the sacred vowel Ω (Omega). 

When these seven heavens sing together they produce a perfect harmony which ascends as an everlasting praise to the throne of the Creator. 

Although not so stated, it is probable that the planetary heavens are to be considered as ascending in the Pythagorean order, beginning with the sphere of the moon, which would be the first heaven.”

In essence Pythagoras had begun to crack a very secret code. That code was numbers, harmonies and musical frequency. If the planets and the universe had it, maybe we have it as well. The code was powerful and the music we make daily creates worlds and destroys them.

Let’s explore the music that we make and use constantly; Our voice and what comes from it.

The alchemy of our words

Let’s start by looking at the word:


Do you notice anything unusual about it? What if you were to take the last letter and put it to the front: SWORD.

We used to kill people with our swords and now we kill people with our words. Words have become our swords and there is no coincidence in these two words. They were planned that way. Now look at how we learnt to understand words.


Yes, that is right. We literally spell words. We create spells with our words. Every great speaker is no more than a word magician. Hitler enamoured people with his oratory skills and turned their morals upside down. Obama became President because of his. Martin Luther Kings words got him killed, yet with a place forever in our hearts. 

You may be thinking: ‘But these examples are in English. What about other languages?’ Most languages developed regionally. English was in fact designed about 1,000 years ago. Back 4500 years before Christ the main planetary language we call proto-indo-european. It was formed in ancient Sumer and was widely spoken. It is the grandparent of French, Spanish, Hindi, Afrikaans, Portuguese, English and some others. English was developed and scripted giving thought to the spelling of words specifically. These days many words have been adapted and changed, especially since WW2, where most of the dictionaries were modernised and revised. The word ‘English’ itself means Angels. The language of the angels was created.

In 1690 a man called John Locke released a series of papers. Their basis was on human understanding.

Book Three of these essays was focussed on words. Locke’s point is that we are unique in framing sounds into words and conveying ideas by the sound of those words. Think of your favourite four-letter word and hit your thumb with a hammer and scream it out. No one will think you are in the mood to make love. Chapter 10 of Locke’s book focusses on misuse of words and the result of that. 

Let’s think metaphysically for a moment. If words create sound and sound is frequency which is music and we are music then surely we do become what we speak. I know this isn’t new thought and you have surely heard of the work of Dr Masuri Emoto and his book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ but consider some of the words that are now ‘cool’. 

‘That’s sick!’

Maybe we should consider what is coming out of our mouths on a daily basis. Let’s do the math. Saying that just three times each day is over 1,000 times a year. Does anyone see the programming in that?

In Hebrew the word ‘memory’ means water and light. In english your brain is simply telling you to B - Rain. All of the sacred wisdom of the past notates water as the passing of knowledge and flow. We will deal with that separately in this book. The five vowels relate as follows:

A = Hear

E = Smell

I = Eye

O = Taste

U = Touch

Our brain literally works in word pictures. We remember and recall through sight, site and re-cite. There is a hidden code in English. Every word spelt in its original form relates to a number and a frequency. The code takes a little while to learn and it’s not useful on a day by day basis but none the less the point of all of this is that our words are NOT random.

The words we use on a daily basis particularly in our speech and in our writing become who we are. We literally spell ourselves into a certain reality through our words. 

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm that is our universe and we must understand it’s nature.

Change your words, change your life

We have learned that words are vibration energetic beings in themselves, ready to attach to you. Every word has a certain energy and vibration that is as powerful as the word itself. 

‘Life is a bitch, then you marry one, then you die’

My ex business partner was a very successful bond trader in Japan in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Have created all the trappings of success in his twenties he was desperately unhappy. This macabre statement became his mantra. He would say it all the time; incessantly. He became so unhappy with his life, that one night after screaming into the mirror: ‘I hate you’ he stood on the balcony of his 13th floor luxury apartment in Tokyo. Something shifted for him. He didn’t jump, although that was his intention when he stepped onto the balcony. He went inside and changed everything. Over the course of the next couple of years he re-educated himself, eventually becoming a leading entrepreneur coach by the middle of the first decade of the 21st century. 

One word that he dropped that changed everything was ‘Bitch’. He erased it from his vocabulary. In fact in all the time I have known him, I have only heard him say it in the context of telling this story. The vibration of that word was manifesting this persons life. 

Change your words, change your life.

When I first met my ex business partner and employed him as my coach I had a business which was a construction company. It was hard work, stressing me out and I was always anxious about money. I used to say to him: ‘I really need to sell this business I own. I hate it so much’. He would say: ‘Mike, no one is going to buy a business you hate.’ 

He was right. I had zero interest in it, and so would everyone else. Luckily I saw his logic immediately so I changed the words and got rid of the hate word. In fact, I started to say ‘The business is a good business for the right person.’ Within just a couple of months enquiries started coming in and I sold the business for an excellent profit.

The wisdom is in the vibration of your words. Your words create spells and those spells create magic… light or dark. It’s your choice.

The String Filled Multiverse

Michio Kaku was destined for great things. In 1963 at the age of sixteen Kaku built a particle accelerator out of spare parts in the family garage. 

The Japanese American grew up to become a leading quantum physicist and one of the co-founders of a new breed of science that has developed since the 1990’s known as String Theory.

Kaku has recently stated that there are 11 dimensions. Now it is no doubt we live in the third dimension, which is why we see things in 3D. The knowledgeable and forward-thinking Mayan’s wrote about another six dimensions after ours in their sacred texts. Sometime’s the best way to see forward is to look back.

Kaku explains strings simply. “Imagine you have two electrons – twins. Now you separate them, and it is irrelevant by how much distance. Whatever you do to one electron is recognised by the other one. They are connected by some powerful almighty force.” Kaku says in one of his videos, that it is now proven that these electrons can be moved a galaxy apart and in fact they still know exactly what is going on to their partner and react to it.

Experiments have been going on in Switzerland for some time now. CERN have built a seventeen mile long tube underground, which fires electrons and other minute particles around at amazing speed. There was even some concern that if they got it wrong that they would create a black hole in Switzerland or at best create a worm hole to other dimensions making the country look like the proverbial Swiss cheese.

The thing is that Kaku and others studies proves the one thing that Max Planck said early in the twentieth century when he put forward the concept of the either. 

‘We – everything – are all connected’

What James Redfield said in the first chapter of ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ that ‘There are no coincidences’ is now somewhat scientifically proven through string theory. 

Here’s how it works in layman’s terms.

Planck termed the word - The Ether - meaning the stuff between things. If there is such a thing and it sits between electron’s, atoms, neurones and all that other tiny stuff and is not so much matter but the stuff between matter then nothing on this planet is separate. This means that you can run from your in-laws at Christmas but they will always be part of you.

Given that we are all connected and the most powerful energy in the human existence is imagination. Einstein said: ‘Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.’

Your imagination can be realised via these stings that reach out through the ether and connect you to the answer, resources or whatever you are looking for. This in essence is the ‘incredible secret’ Rhonda Byrne made millions out of in the movie ‘The Secret’, but it is true. People who don’t believe it simply don’t understand it or allow blocks to come across their path.

For the practically minded among you, think of it this way. Doesn’t LinkedIn prove string theory? Remember that old saying that each of us are a maximum of six steps removed from the other. It’s not true. With LinkedIn, that uses the basis of string theory as its connector, we are no more than four steps removed. 

I recently thought about this with getting to connect with the US Presidents. It was true. With Trump, I know Richard Tan. Tan promoted Trump as a speaker, so that’s a maximum of 3 removes. With Obama, I know Brian Nieves who was a Senator in Obama’s regime. With Clinton, I am connected through the Clinton Global Initiative CEO. With Bush I know Charles Swindell US Ambassador in New Zealand for a while, who knew both Bush’s personally.

You see I am saying this not to show you the reach of my network, which I admit is greater than most people’s, but to show you how we all sit wondering where our new lead, deal, client or partner is coming from and all of our wealth can be created in just three strings from us. It’s not rocket science.

The multiverse however is a mind-bender, but it’s relevant to our higher learning and possibilities about the way the world really works.

In Dublin in 1952 Edwin Schrodinger gave a lecture where he introduced the concepts of the multiverse. In short the concept is parallel universes, all existing at the same time (which isn’t relevant) with potentially differing histories and outcomes. 

I know it seems crazy to the practical among you, but surely the internet was crazy to people in the 1970’s. Personally I have a had numerous experiences with the multiverse, so I do not discount it in any way. Here is one experience that happened in 2015.

Landi Jac and I were driving into Cape Town on the N2 Highway. It’s a busy six lane road with a speed limit of 120kph. We were following another car and I was aware of cars coming up behind us. Just then out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the poor people from the townships that dot along that part of the road attempt to cross the highway in front of the car in front of us. Whilst a regular occurrence here, it’s fraught with a substantial amount of danger. In this case I could see this teen had totally misjudged his dash. 

In an instant I hit the brakes, knowing I wasn’t going to hit him, or the car in front, but also knowing the car in front would mow straight through him. I was in fact trying to get out of the way of the cars coming fast behind me. I was trying to get out of the way of everything and still maintain control. 

The instant passed and we both looked at each other. I said to Landi: ‘Did you see that’ Her reply was: ‘Where’s the boy?’ Mine was: ‘Where’s the car?’ 

There was no boy on the road and no cars around us. We were driving solo along the N2 and yet we had both experienced exactly the same thing. We both saw everything I just described. Has that ever happened to you?

Maybe a situation spiralled out of control or back into control when there was no reason it should. Maybe something happened that you literally can’t explain. We have all heard of miraculous recoveries from illness and injury. 

Just possibly there is more than one reason things happen. Quite possibly our thoughts call more into creation that we could believe.

The Akashic Record

The Akashic Records are a compendium of all human events. This includes words, thoughts, actions, results and intent that has ever occurred, is present or will happen. Alfred Sinnett coined the term in 1883, when writing about the perming of records believed in Buddhism.

The sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce who did over 10,000 readings during his life said this:

‘Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed – or judgment drawn by or according to what the entity’s ideal is. Hence, as it has been oft called, the record is God’s book of remembrance; and each entity, each soul – as the activities of a single day of an entity in the material world – either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity’s application of self towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportunity and the expression of that for which each soul enters a material manifestation. The interpretation then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopefulness.’

If you think of these records as a massive internet, all you need is the WIFI code and your in. That code can come in mediation, prayer, ritual or study, dependent on your beliefs.

I believe people search for the answers to problems, yet rarely do they find exactly what they want. The reason for that is not that the answers are not there. The reason for not finding the answers they want is twofold.

They simply do not ask the right questions that will lead them to the answer that is right for them.

They do not ask the right source for the answer.

Let’s deal with the second of these. It’s called Google. 

Say I want to bake a chocolate cake. I go to Google and type in ‘How do I make a Chocolate Cake?’ Now I have 13,300,000 results. Seriously?

Let’s assume I am only going to view page one. Now I have eleven different options. eight of them have pictures and in each of those pictures there is a huge difference. At least they are all brown, although one has cream icing. I click on the top one. That requires two cups of sugar. Seems a lot, so I go to the second recipe. 350g of castor sugar… is that better or worse? How many cups is that?

As you can see, my issue is not that I can’t find my answer. It’s even at my fingertips. The issue is that it’s not a trusted source. It’s some random stuff that some well meaning person has put into the internet. So now I Google my trusted source. Gordon Ramsay Chocolate Cake Recipe. I think Gordon really knows what he is doing. He has a couple of options so I take the Ginger one. That’s a nice twist. I also note his cake only needs 175g of Sugar. That feels better.

The lesson here is that you must find the right source to ask your question to. It’s the same in the metaphysical. I hear people saying they will ask their guides what to do. Has anyone ever been led astray by a guide, physical or metaphysical? Of course! Not all of those guides are the right ones to ask and not all of them have your best interests at heart. Remember the easy answer you want and the simple life might not be what your soul needs.

Now let’s look at depth into the first point.

The constructive cycle

At the beginning of this chapter you read a quote from the I-Ching. One of the oldest books in the world commissioned by Emperor Fsu Hsi in 3114BC where he sent his scholars out across the land to look at the macrocosm of life as he realised that microcosm of the human existence must relate to it. The result was a must authored work of profound wisdom.

One of the most profound parts of the I-Ching is the relationship of the five elements in the constructive cycle. The “Five Phases” are Water (水 shuǐ), Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ) and Metal (金 jīn). The basis is in Taoist metaphysics.

Everything starts at Water. You are 70% water as is this world. The cycle moves from element to element with reason.

Water nourishes Wood and encourages it to grow

Wood stacked on Fire helps fire burn

Fire turns things to ashes which enrich the earth

The earth under pressure and time become metal

Metal under heat becomes its liquid form starting the cycle over

The relationship to business here is that each of these elements also has a question attached.

The Constructive Cycle

Let’s turn to my point one above. People don’t know what questions to ask. The HOW question is for most of us a very poor question yet it’s what we have been conditioned to ask. It’s at the end of the cycle and in fact it can many times be irrelevant. 

Let me illustrate. Our client Gerhard told us he wanted to build a large and hugely profitable consultancy firm. He was currently a one man show. Naturally he asked if we knew the best way how to do this. 

My first response was a question back to him. ‘Gerhard, why do you want to do this?’ His response was that he felt he had a ceiling on his income, that he was working long hours and he wanted to be international. I then asked him what he wanted to specialise in and what his exact skills were now. I came to understand that he had very unique skills in mergers and acquisitions. I then asked him who he knew who had built major international consultancy companies. We talked about McKinsey and some others and I talked about my friend Simon who had a large US based business he ran from New Zealand. 

By modelling what had worked for Simon, and establishing what Gerhard was missing on his team and where that could be sourced, we very quickly was able to create a road map toward his ultimate goal that we could work towards over a couple of years. The big dream suddenly seemed so much more achievable. Asking the How question and answering just that would have got us nowhere fast.

You often never need to know how if you know who. Who already knows how.

The growth of self

When you study Chinese astrology you will find that not only do you get an animal for your birth year, you also get an element. I am a metal Ox. Those of you that know me may have an opinion but the intelligence says:


Ambitious and competitive


Determined, disciplined and focused

High morals and high standards

It also says I lack communication skills, can be judgemental and am stubborn and sometimes unreasonable. All relatively on the mark I would say. But you do change. 

Every seven years your cells regenerate according to some levels of biological science. Interestingly so does your mental, emotional and spiritual outlook.

If you look at the diagram below you will see that each seven years aligns you with a particular element. The first 0 - 7 years the element is water. That is because we all start in water or embryonic fluid to be more exact and have you ever noticed the question that small children ask more than ever. ‘ Why Mummy Why?’ There is a truth in this. From 7 - 14 we are focussed on what we should do, what sport to learn, what hobbies to have. In our teen years it’s all about the who. Who is in our crowd, are we cool? Are they cool? We form opinions based on favourite celebrities, stars and musicians. In our twenties it’s all about the when. Timing of finding the right partner, right job, right team and then in our early thirties it becomes about the how. How we will make it all work. The mortgage, the family, the job, the juggling.

The Constructive Cycle with Cellular Regeneration

This is very cool stuff once you realise it’s influence on the way you are forming your reality right now. Your whole consciousness is being influenced by this stuff and you are probably totally unaware. 

Think about 42 - 49. The 7th seven. Have you heard of a mid-life crisis? This gives good reason to it. The what question is very strong here. What am I doing with my life, this partner, this career, this house etc? Think about the 63 - 70 year old’s you know. Most of them are worrying; ‘How am I going to survive if I have to retire?’

You are an evolving being. What got you to the success you may of had in your twenties is not going to work in your forties. Your way of seeing the world is constantly changing and adapting and it should. If you are going to be at all a conscious leader you will come to appreciate that you change. As Wu Wei said in relation to the I-Ching.

“Change is like a river: nothing is the same, even for an instant. Everything is continually moving through the six stages of change: about to come into being, beginning, expanding, approaching maximum potential, peaking, and finally, passing its peak and flowing into its new condition.” 

Erwin Laszlo

Back to the Akashic Records. If you have any basic understanding of consciousness in the holistic sense, by now you would realise there is this greater sea of essence that surrounds all of us and influences us depending on whether we are prepared to dip our toe in or submerse ourselves. Scientist Erwin Laszlo dedicated 40 years to studying the Akashic records and his work ‘Science and the Akashic Records’ gives us insights into what science calls the ‘A – field’. 

An Integral Theory of Everything that “all things in the world are recorded and all things inform one another.” The lived experiences of all people – what they think, feel and perceive – is read into the Akashic record or what scientists call the “A-field”. These historical markers never fade and are accessible over and over again regardless of whether the people whose experiences we relive are living or dead.’

We, at the Circle of Excellence Group of Companies, have been teaching for a number of years a technique to access the advice of anyone alive or whose energy is now part of the greater Akashic experience. Essentially this is a technique of meditation where once you are in the meditation you bring in your adviser, say Alexander the Great and pose him a question that you want answered. You are essentially tapping into Alexanders personal Akashic record to gain the answer to your question.

Laszlo goes on to say: 

‘The Akashic record is getting a fresh look as an all-encompassing cosmic information field that connects organisms and minds in the biosphere, and particles, stars, and galaxies throughout the cosmos. Starting with the field of cosmology, it is a critical link to understanding the A-field because it looks at the relationship of the universe with living matter. Theoretically, the critical threshold of matter density and its relative influence on gravity with the forces of expansion and contraction determines a universe’s capacity for supporting life. Our existence depends upon what the cosmologists call a “flat” universe. 


 In this scenario, matter is precisely at the critical value that the forces of expansion and contraction balance each other. Still, the many known galaxies are found to be ever expanding and we are not being pulled apart with it. At the beginning of the 21st Century, new observations and experiments proved the mechanistic, predictable world of Newtonian science inadequate. Even Albert Einstein’s theories strayed from the strangeness of the quantum world. In this world, quantum physicists discovered that the foundation of physical reality has no uniquely determinable location, and it exists in several ordinary states at the same time. Hence, space is not empty and time is not consistent. However, beneath the mystery of random order and unpredictability lies what physicist David Bohm calls the “implicate order” that codifies the deeper level of reality within a holo-field. What we see as real is the “explicate order”, which is the constant unfolding of the holo-field.’

Some scientists are now stating that the earth itself is surrounded with a subtle cloud of energy. They can’t quite ascertain what it is. It is like a smog or more of a haze. It has at this point not been able to be measured. Is it the Akashic Record?

Even if his field which is electromagnetic in it’s nature is simply an extension or extroversion of the human soul activity on the planet it does exist and the frequencies measured tend to change, sometimes more dramatically when there is an incident such as a war or natural disaster on the face of the planet. In ‘What if you were GOD?’ I wrote about the geosynchronous satellite that has been up since 1999 that measures human emotion on the planet. This is done by measuring particular electromagnetic shifts. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

The information field that links quanta and galaxies in the physical universe and cells and organisms in the biosphere also links the brains and minds in the realm of consciousness. Amongst the diverse strategies used to study consciousness, e.g., non-locality, biofeedback, meditation, etc., the studies show that the human mind is not an isolated entity. Consciousness is essentially shared by all of humanity.

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