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Coney - A Trip to Luna Park


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Coney - A Trip to Luna Park by Jeffrey Lindberg offers the viewing audience suspense, adventure, and comedy with a fantasy twist.

Coney - A Trip to Luna Park by Jeffrey Lindberg was a period piece based on clothing and design that also contained elements based on fantasy. The flying boat was a cool idea but, sadly, not an actual mode of transportation. Yet. But if and when this becomes a reality, I'm buying a ticket!

Okay, I wouldn't encourage my daughter to play a prank on someone to teach them a lesson about being nice. However, I did find it amusing the tricks Millie and Selena played on the mean man in the suit (Skip). The exploding cake was humorous. 

I would tell your young listeners never to try these stunts at home. Fire is dangerous, and so is making someone trip on a high structure. Plus, pulling pranks could land you in hot water! 

In Coney - A Trip to Luna Park, Selena's home is in jeopardy due to construction. In real life, many animals lose their homes to humans. Rest assured, Selena got her happy ending. Skip learns to be nice to people and animals. And everyone lived happily ever after.

Coney - A Trip to Luna Park by Jeffrey Lindberg offers the viewing audience suspense, adventure, and comedy with a fantasy twist. Children too young to understand the dialogue and plot have plenty of animals in the story for them to look at. Jeffrey Lindberg did a remarkable job on every single image. Each page was beautifully designed.

When I submitted my review to Reedsy, Amazon did not have this book on their site. Therefore, I do not know the author's intended audience. I would suggest sharing Coney - A Trip to Luna Park with preschoolers and up. 

I will be recommending Coney - A Trip to Luna Park by Jeffrey Lindberg to family, friends, and our local library.

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It is 1904, and a new amusement park is being built in Coney Island. Unfortunately, the construction is happening right on the dunes that Selena, a scrappy little rabbit, calls home!¬† From her trolley car one day, Millie spots Selena, and the two become fast friends. Together, they discover and confront the men and the machines that are doing something extraordinary‚Äď building a modern, even futuristic,¬† theme park - while also doing something destructive to the land and its inhabitants.¬†
Filled with historical accuracy and a captivating tale in and of itself, this book  takes readers on a ride through the old Coney Island. We follow Selena and Millie as  they explore the sights and thrills of Luna Park for the first time. Against the fantastic and extravagant backdrop of creator Fred  Thompson’s Luna Park, the story reaches a dramatic height in the nighttime Coney  Island, lit up by thousands of Edison bulbs!  Can Millie and Selena preserve the land and still reach for the stars? 
  Join Millie and Selena for a trip back in time to Luna Park, when for a few pennies, you could travel all the way to the MOON!  

About the author

Jeffrey Lindberg is a professional illustrator and author whose new book is Coney - A Trip to Luna Park is forthcoming from Flying Rabbit Press in early fall, 2022. Coney is a 48-page, fully illustrated picture book; it will be printed offset in hardcover. view profile

Published on September 30, 2022

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