Thriller & Suspense

Complex City


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Claire Gale’s husband is dying fast, much faster than anyone thought. To make things worse, a hurricane is headed straight towards her Mega City Houston apartment complex. After the storm dies down, Claire decides to clear her head by walking the beach. While examining the washed-up debris, she finds something that changes her entire world; evidence that the cure her husband desperately needs may be out there. Could it be true that Mega City Miami has the cure to a virus that is killing thousands in Houston? This discovery makes her question everything she’s ever been taught. Now Claire must get her dying husband to a place no one from Houston has ever been: a different city.


Although the world seemed to be exploding around them, the young

couple barely noticed. They sat on their cream-colored hand-me down

couch, listening to the wind roar outside their lone window.

Michael Gale and his wife Claire watched as one of the largest Hurricanes

in Houston’s history raged on. Even with the curtains closed, the

nearly constant lightning bolts illuminated the small apartment like a

dance floor. The large window shook and rattled and seemed ready to

explode, but neither of them cared. The storm would carry on through

the night and cause record amounts of damage, but all the couple could

think of was the virus that was wreaking havoc on Michael’s twenty-one year-

old body. It had been only five hours since they’d received the news

that would upend their lives.

Over the last six months, the former pillar of perfect health had begun

to fade and crumble. It started with Michael’s thick, dark hair beginning

to fall out, followed by the paling of his skin and rapid weight loss.

His energy level held out for longer, but eventually he began to slow and

tire easily. Michael, who stood over six feet tall, had begun to look much

shorter, as if he were shrinking and would eventually disappear into nothing.

As he lost what little weight he had, his skin was pulled tightly over

the bones of his face.

Claire, his wife of two years, had noticed the very early signs. Instantly

she had begun to worry but kept it to herself. Michael had noticed the

problems early also, but he too didn’t want to bring it up to his spouse.

They both felt addressing the problem meant the problem would become

real and their perfect lives would be derailed. It was killing both of them

that they never spoke about this life-changing problem. Each of them

had separately searched Houstonnet for answers but came up with nothing

that matched Michael’s symptoms. Finally, the couple was forced to

acknowledge the growing problem when Michael collapsed on his walk

home from work.

When they finally discussed it, the bottled-up emotions flooded out.

Each feared the worst, but they both spent their time trying to convince

the other that everything would be okay. They had scheduled an appointment

for Michael to be seen, but since there weren’t enough hospitals in

Mega-City Houston, they were forced to wait more than a month. It would

have been longer, but Claire worked at a hospital in the medical records

section and was able to move Michael’s appointment up by three weeks.

During their wait for the appointment, neither Claire nor Michael

could focus on anything. It seemed a dark cloud followed them everywhere

they went. Michael held a job as a welder and used to climb to

the top of large buildings that were under construction, but since his

illness, he had been remanded to a small office and dealt with ordering

equipment. Claire liked the fact that he was on the ground, but Michael

hated his new position and worried that if he did get better, soon he

would be fired.

As the appointment approached, neither of them mentioned it. They

each felt it somehow would be bad luck to talk about the date. Inside their

heads, each of them had separated their calendars to “before the appointment”

and “after,” knowing the doctor’s visit would be life changing.

When the day finally arrived, everyone seemed to be talking of nothing

but the incoming hurricane. All the news stations covered its arrival

and cautioned all citizens to board up their apartments and prepare to

hunker down. Claire secretly felt the approaching storm occurring on the

same day as Michael’s appointment was an ominous sign.

About the author

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Published on June 29, 2020

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80000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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