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Complex City


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Wow, wow, wow. This modern day thriller is a combination of the hunger games and 1984. So dark and twisted, I love it.

Claire and her husband are living in Mega City Houston and living normal lives, or so they think. Claire's husband is dying and when a devastating hurricane crashes through their city, Claire feels lucky just to be alive, until she discovers evidence that proves that the cure to her husband's illness could be out there and she desperately hopes that she can save him.

To save the life of her husband Claire must now embark on a journey to this new city, a city where nobody from her town has ever been before it is too late, but on the way, Claire discovers a secret that will shake the country. That is, of course, if she lives long enough to tell the story.

I was hooked just by the blurb, when I see a story described as a "modern day dystopian thriller" how could I not be hooked. This story is 100% 1984 meets The Hunger games, both stories I loved.

I would describe this as a story about false freedom, our main characters genuinely believe themselves to be living freely, life is difficult but they are free. But when the characters realise just how caged and trapped they are, they are forced to find away to escape in order to discover what it truly means to be free.

I think this story is a beautiful and honest depiction of the implications of someone holding too much power and how power can be manipulated to suit individuals and negatively affect others. Whilst this story is set in the future there is a distinct feel on modernity about it. It does feel like something that could just as easily be happening now in our society, maybe not on such a large scale, but the potential is terrifying all the same.

This is a story I would absolutely request to read, I would recommend this to any fan of dystopian and someone who loves a story with a social commentary involved as this story truly packs a punch and will leave you hooked until the very last page.

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Published on June 29, 2020

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