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Coming Full Circle: Healing Trauma Using Psychedelics


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"Coming Full Circle" is open, transparent and fair. It does not stigmatise or pass judgement

Before I even start to type this review I can picture the raised eyebrows. Alice, the straight-lined professional, writing a book review on psychedelics, drugs with the power to conjure up powerful hallucinations and give users "out of body" experiences. It isn't something I ever thought I would be writing about either. But reading Shannon Duncan's book Coming Full Circle, it doesn't quite feel as wrong as it should be.

Split into three parts, with numbered chapters within each, Coming Full Circle looks at the author's personal experiences that led him into recreational drugs, later followed by the use of multiple spiritual guides to help administer psychedelics in a controlled and safe environment. In both instances (but particularly the latter), Duncan freely admits to finding a way through his traumatic past in a way which traditional therapy, as useful as it was, could not solve alone.

Duncan's confidence in tackling sensitive and challenging issues, combined with gentle and candid tones gives a calming feeling to the tone of this book. His wisdom on what is often seen as a controversial topic will be a welcome sight to those in a similar position and those without ready access to this information. Guidance on how to source and communicate with psychedelic administrators is not something I would be keen to be typing into a search engine!

It is this latter point that makes Coming Full Circle a strangely pleasant read. It is open, transparent and fair, neither stigmatising or passing judgement on the users of psychedelics. Do I see myself turning to this source of medical therapy after reading this book? No. But does it take away from the writing quality and content? Not in the slightest. If a book like this can bring something new to light and prevent readers from having to go to unsavoury places for advice then, as far as I am concerned, it is a book worthy of a thumbs up.

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(Reviewer's note: Always read up on the facts from an official medical body before taking drugs, legal and illegal.)

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About the author

Shannon Duncan is an advocate for those seeking to heal from trauma and author of the landmark book, Present Moment Awareness. In his newest book, Coming Full Circle, Duncan shares what he learned during his own intensive multi-year process of healing trauma with the help of psychedelics. view profile

Published on March 07, 2023

Published by Present Moment Press Inc.

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Contains mild explicit content ‚ö†ÔłŹ

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