Come Hell or High Water: The Book of Raphael


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This is an interesting theological take on the lives of the angels and their purposes in the Father's greater plan for the world.

As a disclaimer, I have not read book one of this series.

This was one of the most interesting takes on spiritual warfare that I have ever read. Starr uses the perspectives of the archangels and Lucifer to tell the story of Earth's creation to its first "end" of the flood. We watch the aftermath of the first battle in heaven and the consequences that follow Lucifer's choices, as well as how he begins to gain control over the earth.

Starr expresses some interesting theological ideas by granting the angels an inclination towards disobedience that only needs a slight push by Lucifer. The angels struggle with feeling trapped in a purpose they haven't chosen and a desire for freedom to make their own choices. They are kept at a distance from the Father and question his often vague directives. Starr also gives them an inherent violence and this is one of the bloodiest stories I have read in a while.

While I enjoyed my read through and was impressed with the concept, some of the mechanics were underwhelmingly executed. I often found myself struggling to picture the characters in scene and the different "realms" we saw were often only vaguely described. Starr's main focus was decidedly on dialogue and character motivations, and while that is clearly shown, it is mostly at the expense of these other important aspects. I did however enjoy the discussion on time and it's flexibility outside of Earth, as well as the mechanics of "interdimmensional travel" between the realms.

Overall I enjoyed my read and would like to go back and read book one of the series. I wish that a bit more time had been dedicated to putting meat on the bones of the world and fleshing out some of the overarching plot lines, but I do think the greater context of book one will clear up some of my lingering questions and confusion.

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The Song of Sariel

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