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City Kitties


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Lovely book of rhymes for children to explain the importance of having different kinds of experiences in life

In this book, the protagonists of the story are the two cats, Mitten and Nessie. They have very contrasting characters but what makes the narrative really interesting is how Rizwan plays with words and effectively incorporates rhymes in them. In fact, Mitten is actually a very mischievous kitten who often hides behind objects and enjoys pranking other animals by suddenly jumping in front of them, but when it comes to Nessie all her efforts go in vain because the older cat seems undisturbed. This made Mitten very curious and she directly asks, "Why can I never catch you" and so Nessie starts recounting the story of her life along with her numerous other experiences.

While this is a small story book, one must keep in mind that the author has taken a lot of efforts to frame the sentences in the form of a nursery poem with each line ending on a rhyming word. Rhymes can be very helpful for the learning process of a child since it is easier for them to memorize a particular sequence of music than a group of random words. Personally, I believe rhymes also set the tone for the story into a light-hearted and cheerful vibe. Furthermore, the illustrations are designed with utmost care. They are not only positioned well, but also feature the nuances of the two characters, displaying both the restless energetic nature of Mitten and the elegant, proud attitude of Nessie.

Overall, the story helps children understand that having a range of various different experiences can enrich our lives and give us a sense of accomplishment, as portrayed by Nessie. It also motivates young readers to find their own adventures respectively and inspires children to become increasingly accepting to differences. Humorous and enchanting, this is a picture book that I would recommend everyone to read!

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When naughty little Mitten asks Nessie why she never falls for his tricks, Nessie answers with a tale of experience.

She's "been there, done that!"

Told in gentle rhymes, City Kitties is more than a story about knowing the value of experience. It's about knowing which experiences are truly valuable.

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Rizwan Asad is a Toronto-based writer of speculative fiction, best-known for his award-nominated blog, Chocolates & Chai. view profile

Published on December 03, 2021

Published by Ness House Press

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